Julie Delpy on My Zoe

This is the most recent information I’ve heard but it stems from a December interview, and it sounds like they are not currently filming.

~ by Servetus on January 12, 2018.

6 Responses to “Julie Delpy on My Zoe”

  1. I really, really keep my fingers crossed for her, for them all and the project…..

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  2. The UK news reported on the Golden Globes saying no women directors were nominated, but excused that by there being so few!
    None of the press linked this with the problems Julie Delphy has.

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    • I think only 5 percent of Hollywood movies tmade in 2016 were directed by women, so that’s not wrong. But Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird is an obvious miss.


  3. I am sure Delpy will be able to sort it out. She is strong force who is very capable of looking after herself but I will admit that it must be difficult as she is being blocked. I wonder what Armitage finds it like to work with Delpy ? I have heard she can be quite difficult but Ethan Hawke and Daniel Bruhl clearly got on with her.


    • He’s never said anything directly negative about anyone he’s worked with, so I don’t know if we’ll ever know what he thinks. I know he has said he admires her work.

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