Were you dancing, Richard Armitage?

Richard Armitage as Raymond de Merville in the final moments of Pilgrimage (2017).

I’ve been thinking about dance again. I used to fantasize about seeing Richard Armitage dance, and even about dancing with him.

And I’ve been looking at this picture. This is one of the last scenes of Pilgrimage; Sir Raymond has been chasing the party across Ireland and he’s finally gotten close enough to them that he and his men may be able to erase them. He’s getting ready to clobber “the Mute.” But looking at this way, it feels a bit like a snapshot of some complicated choreography. Armitage likes to imagine; what does Sir Raymond imagine here? What does Armitage imagine in order to get Raymond to move? The scene on screen is violent, but frame by frame, it’s almost dreamy.

I think the reason I hadn’t thought about dance for so long was that that my creativity has felt for a long time like it’s waning. The transition here was hard. I desperately hope the fact that I’m thinking of Armitage in terms of dance again means that a few green shoots are sprouting in winter.

~ by Servetus on January 24, 2018.

6 Responses to “Were you dancing, Richard Armitage?”

  1. Maybe your creativity was/is ‘morphing’ rather than ‘waning’. 🙂 My money is on you. Re: dancing? If his London stage offering includes singing, even from the ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’ cell, you just can’t sing and not move. “Gotta’ dance”.


    • People have been saying for a long time that they’d pay a lot to see Armitage dancing … thanks for the kind words!


  2. Dancing is always a lovely way to express how you feel. Your creativity has never been terribly stifled, i think it may have been lying more dormant than usual but when you get into a subject you get into it in depth and your writing along with so many of your spoofs have made my day. So dance away the way you want. Just be you, i think we all enjoy that.

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  3. The first image brings me back to Obscura’s writings. I see a Discobol or Greek javelin thrower.


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