Writing about breakfast?

[This is for the “do something with” community challenge run by Herba and Die Pö. Sorry, no pictures.]

There’s this thing: In order to eat breakfast, you’ve gotta be awake. My body just: doesn’t. I wake up mean, nasty, and unhappy (doesn’t matter how much sleep I’ve had, the first half hour is poisonous). Woe to you if you’re in my presence. It takes me a long time to wake up and then I have no appetite. The thought of eating or drinking nauseates me. Especially anything cooked. Until I’ve been awake for several hours. At which point I’m suddenly starving and crazily thirsty and experience another mood crash.

(I’m also from an entire family of cheerful early risers. Weekdays dad eats with his posse in a local diner, but on days when he is going to be home for breakfast, I prepare his before I go to bed and he microwaves it in the morning. Apparently that’s still preferable than him learning how to cook his own.)

There are plenty of breakfast foods I really enjoy, but not in the morning. Just thinking about eating breakfast at breakfast time makes me feel vaguely resentful. If you’re thinking, but I’ve had breakfast with you and I survived, remember that you’re among the lucky.

So I snarled my way through childhood and high school mornings. In college I realized I couldn’t keep on this way, and then, too, I had moved to the birthplace of the breakfast taco, so I started eating a single, small bean and cheese taco for breakfast if I had a morning class. That was pretty ideal. However, it only really works as a strategy if you’re living in a dorm or a place near where someone is making them.

In grad school, sadly, I moved away from the tacos, and so switched to Quaker Instant Oatmeal. One envelope, a little water, microwave, done in a minute in my apartment, and it thankfully doesn’t take long to eat. The issue also got a little less acute, in that almost nothing that happens in graduate school happens in the early morning (unless you’re teaching).

Finally, after grad school, my college bestie was reading an article about people who are homicidal upon waking and said, “this sounds like you.” I’m not going to link to the associated theory, which I suspect is pseudo-science, but the person’s idea was that people who had this problem should eat as much protein and as little carbohydrate as possible in the morning. Then, before going to bed, one should eat a small potato. Something about smoothing out blood sugar levels.

This was pretty miraculous for me. I always go for the high protein breakfast, and if I have to be polite in the morning, I eat a small potato the night before, which makes me about 50 percent less dysphoric. I still don’t enjoy eating at that time of day. The main difference I have noticed is that I have much more energy in the mornings and I don’t have the late morning crash anymore.

So for breakfast, because I don’t like to have to cook in the morning, I almost always have the same thing: cottage cheese. In the summer with tomato wedges or cherry tomatoes. Maybe every fifth time or so I have unsweetened yogurt. If I’m out of cottage cheese I eat some other kind of cheese. (We’re never really short of cheese. A lot of times dad’s been out and brought home some cheese curds, which for some reason are very cheery to eat in the morning, although OMG the salt.) Very rarely I get my act together and have overnight oats, which I love, but which tend to be sweeter and not as high in protein. If I’m in a place with breakfast tacos, I will have a bean and cheese or egg and cheese.

Proofreading this made me feel grumpy. You see, the effect breakfast has on me?

Think of it this way: more breakfast for you. Cheers!

So what are your breakfast foibles?

~ by Servetus on January 28, 2018.

23 Responses to “Writing about breakfast?”

  1. When I was little my Mum tried to get me to eat breakfast because that’s what people do and I was a schoolkid and what with breakfast being so important.
    She stopped making me eat when I puked the breakfast into the hallway. 🙂 Drastic but effective, I suppose.

    I still skip breakfast when I can. My parents in law don’t understand it. Same reasoning like Mum… breakfast, so important.
    I just don’t want to eat anything that early and more than that I don’t want interaction with people. Same as you. Mother-in-law once made the mistake to mock my bad mood and was then super offended when I got even snarlier.
    It’s a struggle…

    But! the protein and potato trick sounds interesting and I will try it. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I love breakfast and I am a cheerful morning person. Can we still be friends?


  3. I am not a morning person but well still have to get up. As for breakfast if I don’t eat I get a migraine, so I must eat. I do have to take meds a half a hour before I eat and it turns out to be more like a hour or more after I get up. Other than brush my teeth it is the last thing I do before I leave each day. On days that I don’t have to go any where it is more like two hours or more before I eat after getting up.


    • I still have to get up, too. Nowadays I work very hard to make sure that I have some time in the morning after I wake up but before I get up. That does seem to help.

      You also work with food, too, no? That would be extra hard for me.


      • I have not worked with food since the end of last school year. Being around food don’t bother me I just don’t like to eat right after getting up. Never have, but would eat even back in my school days due to the headaches.

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  4. I “drink” my breakfast most mornings a high protein drink. I would prefer not to eat or drink anything other than coffee but unfortunately after years of taking so many pills my stomach got thoroughly chewed up so I unfortunately have to coat it with something before taking my pills. blek.. would really prefer nothing more than coffee till later on in the day.


  5. I need my time in the morning and don’t like discussions after getting up. So I am not grumpy but rather more quiet and slow. It doesn’t exist warm breakfast here. We like to eat baguette with Nutella, pain au chocolat and croissants. On most weekdays we also eat muesli. Very important for me is my cup of coffee. My first way in the morning is straight to the kitchen to brew coffee. Then the day can start


    • I like Bircher muesli.

      I definitely need some coffee before I have to think or turn on the computer, too. But it’s also definitely something i need a slight delay on.

      I’ve always wondered why warm breakfast is such a standard in the U.S. and thought at least around here that it has to do with the rhythm of milking. People got up, ate something tiny, milked, and then came in again for a more substantial meal. The big meal of the day around here was also the noon meal and not the evening one.


  6. I’m not a morning person, but I’ve developed the habit of eating breakfast. Of course I’m always running late, so I usually eat in the car! And I don’t like hot drinks in the morning. I always have an iced espresso drink, no matter the season.


  7. We are similar in that breakfast has always completely nauseated me…..until recently. Yes, I have changed. It’s very weird. Since I am a little -er- “older” I wake up super early in the morning and have more time before I go to work. If I do happen to be in a bit of a rush, I have a protein shake, otherwise I do overnight oats with cashew milk (I am not supposed to eat dairy right now. Don’t ask. It’s killing me.) I add fresh or frozen berries to it. Sometimes I make two eggs instead. No carbs at all. I have a migraine problem, and read recently that protein for breakfast is a big help in keeping migraines at bay. And it seems to work! I also switched from coffee to tea, as it’s easier on my stomach. I do drink a coffee once I get to work. Max two per day, and again it has improved the migraine situation to cut back.
    I have never been good company in the morning. I’m not homicidal, but I’d rather not talk (my daughter is the same). My poor husband is cheerful, but has learned to not even really look at me in the morning. I’ve always been like this, and I’m not likely to change. And the protein in the morning has not made me pleasant either. Now that I have this ridiculous early rising thing going on (believe me, this is not by choice) I tend to catch up on the news on my laptop and I actually clean the kitchen and tidy up the house before I leave, so it has some major advantages! I think it might be hereditary because both my kids really dislike eating when they wake up, although I’ve managed to talk my daughter into eating because she is quite athletic and needs the fuel. I am always amazed by people who get up and eat tons, it just isn’t something I can do.


  8. […] hat hier über ihre eigenen Frühstücksgewohnheiten […]


  9. I like eating breakfast but talking while doing so (or before) really is a different matter 🙂
    Thanks for participating :*


  10. I’m all about cereals in the morning, currently (past year or so) that’s Weetabix with milk and a little bit of brown sugar. Quick and easy. Nothing hot and cooked for me either before noon, please! English breakfast at breakfast time, for instance, makes my stomach churn. Except for scrambled eggs, that I could do…


    • I feel like scrambled eggs are a sort of border case. I can sometimes eat them in the morning. But someone else has to scramble them. Lately I’ve been doing this thing where I scramble a big pan of eggs for myself Saturday night for supper, and then take about a quarter and refrigerate them for dad. (Usually with onions, broccoli and cheese). He warms them up the next morning and is very happy.


      • Someone else has to scramble them in the morning – yes! Which is why I only ever have that for breakfast when I stay in a hotel… 😊
        The eggs for your dad sound delicious!

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