Richard Armitage an hour early

~ by Servetus on January 30, 2018.

16 Responses to “Richard Armitage an hour early”

  1. Hab doch einer Erbarmen…. 😂


  2. For some reason, I just can’t visualize him eating tacos…Crunching into a hard taco shell as it breaks and half and spills everything onto his lap…Ok, that’s a pretty funny visual…! Though I don’t know much about his eating habits, maybe tacos are his favorite?!


    • I picked this in honor of Taco Tuesday AND because yeah, I think of him as someone who really cares about table manners and doesn’t care to get dirty while eating (I can’t see him in a lobster bib either). But indeed, who knows. Maybe he lines up for hard shell tacos every week when he’s in the US!


  3. I recall a BTS clip when Spooks was on location in Russia where he was eating a sandwich like a ‘starving man’ I wonder if he eats everything with the same enthusiasm.


  4. I can’t wait to see if you plan to carry this day-of-the-week theme out the whole week! Do you have enough pictures of Richard?


    • LMAO. Given that SOTU’s taking place tonight, I’m guessing the issue won’t be pictures of Armitage but challenges to my irony absorption capacity …


      • In you we trust 🙂! And isn´t the best way to deal with it pictures of RA and even more pictures of RA? Side effect: you give as a far better reason to get up in the morning than just going to work 😉.

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  5. What’d you call me, Richard?!

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  6. Ode to Tacos

    There once was a guy quite respectable,
    With manners considered impeccable.
    A hard taco he munched,
    Filled his lap as he crunched.
    But covered with crumbs he remained delectable.

    Kathy Jones

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    • 😂😁 An ode!!!! Wow…it still brings the smile, Kathy!!!!❤😙

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    • Now I’m going to have to look harder for evidence of him as a sloppy eater. They might also attract a puppy or something!

      Thanks for the ode — it’s always a brightener to read one!


      • I haven’t seen everything he’s ever been in, but the only times I’ve ever seen him eat is in North and South, and season one of Berlin Station. Both were things out of a bowl, with a spoon. The eating scene in BS is a bit awkward to watch at first, cuz he’s holding the spoon oddly, but on second viewing, I realized he’s holding it and eating with his left hand, cuz of how he’s sitting. Oh, there’s also an interview on some British show of him helping cook and eat curry, but there was nothing messy to that either. There’s gotta be more examples out there if we look hard enough!


        • Thorin eats in AUJ and TDOS; Proctor eats in the Crucible; Sir Raymond eats briefly in Pilgrimage; Kenneth ate in Love, Love, Love; and there are some other brief moments in some of his lesser roles.
          The famous instance of sexy eating is Mulligan in Moving On, of course. And there’s Guy drinking in Robin Hood, that’s kind of notorious as well.


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