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~ by Servetus on February 5, 2018.

5 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Richard appeared in Moving On a series of 45 minute dramas by Jimmy McGovern they are still ploughing ahead (six series I think)
    The episode yesterday had Jodhi May and Snead Cusack playing mother and daughter and later on one will feature Samantha Bond and Neil Morrissey
    I my opinion RA wanted to leave that kind of show in his past but it is pretty obvious to me the that lots of actors have been able to maintain a more mixed career.


  2. Thanks for the interesting mix of articles!

    Re AfD and Bundestag: for me it’s really painful to see them sit there!

    Re Shazad Latif: His Tyler has delivered one of the WTF moments of the first season and I hope they won’t kill him any time soon!!


    • Shazad: I didn’t know he was in it, but that increases my interest in seeing it. I kind of feel like, since we pay for EPIX and Paramount Network is included in our cable package, I shouldn’t have to buy the additional channel.

      Bundestag: this current situation makes me despise the FDP even more than usual. Christian Lindner is a serious opportunist and it’s moments like this where you see people’s true colors. I hope there’s a way to sideline the AfD sooner rather than later.

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      • I am not sure if I’ll continue watching after the season finale next week, but Shazad sure is on the plus side of arguments for it 🙂

        Not sure if sidelining of the AfD will happen soon because of the charade also known as forming of a government but yes, let’s hope it will happen!!!

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