Is it “change your showrunner” day? Bryan Fuller exits Amazing Stories

Here. So he’s quit ST: Discovery, American Gods, and Amazing Stories. I actually picked this up because The One Ring likes him to work on the Amazon Tolkien series.

~ by Servetus on February 8, 2018.

3 Responses to “Is it “change your showrunner” day? Bryan Fuller exits Amazing Stories”

  1. Why does he quit so many shows? “Creative differences”, whatever exactly that means? He’s very creative, but this starts to seem a little erratic.

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  2. I’m asking the same question as SHeRA – walking away from three high profile projects seems unusual – but his work is “out there” which might not be to everyone’s taste, and he uses very large budgets.

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  3. In at least one case, it was a fight over money (which is weird b/c Hannibal was supposedly one of the lowest cost TV shows at the time). I never know how serious “creative differences” are when I read that. Is that like “we have irresolvable vision for the show” or is it “we’re arguing about details and just don’t like each other much”? BMD thought there was “something fishy” about the situation.


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