@audible.com is still giving ad money to extreme Right media #richardarmitage

This is particularly hypocritical in that Richard Armitage’s forthcoming audiobook, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, is a Holocaust story, as the media organization in question is well known for its anti-Semitic positions. (And also for plenty of other politically destructive activities and positions.)


~ by Servetus on February 13, 2018.

8 Responses to “@audible.com is still giving ad money to extreme Right media #richardarmitage”

  1. Oh no. This is upsetting and confusing. What to do re: future purchases….


    • I’ve tweeted them before about this — as have many other fans. My rationalization has been that I don’t subscribe to the service in general, but it DOES add to my reluctance to buy their overpriced audiobooks.


  2. Ok, so freedom of the press and all….but an actual online Breitbart store?! I am currently a subscriber but I will be cancelling it right away and letting them and RA (since it is his products I would be buying) know. My line in the sand may shift around sometimes, but this is a dealbreaker. I won’t be subscribing and I won’t be purchasing anything from them in future. How is Big Finish? I hope they are ok because I really wanted to get the War of the Worlds CD!


    • I forget what the term is, but essentially a company buys ad time in aggregate, and then it shows up in a series of places. So audible isn’t subscribing directly to Breitbart as much as it is buying an ad package from a company that puts ads on Breitbart. I think that the likelihood that Big Finish does that is lower, as it is a much lower-profile concern, but it’s probably worth an ask.


      • Well, regardless of how Audible is doing it, I am undoing my subscription until that is gone. It is one thing to have what I may consider objectional works for purchase because I certainly don’t believe in banning books but it is another to be a party to hosting a Breitbart store on your online site. I just don’t want anything to do with Breitbart – not that they will miss me.


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