Berlin Station to be filmed in Budapest

In an article about the Berlin / Brandenburg film industry in the Lausitz newspaper (via the German RA Board on Twitter), in a remark by the head of the Babelsberg studio.

I’ve got nothing against Budapest; it’s a pretty city, too. However, I really hope this means Armitage is out of it. He’s already lived in Budapest. I also heard a rumor that Olen Steinhauer is back on season 3; this is also a misstep IMO.

~ by Servetus on February 13, 2018.

13 Responses to “Berlin Station to be filmed in Budapest”

  1. Any chance the tone of the politics offended? Could they be saving money because they DID get some of the big money cast back? Could the studio/crew have been loyal to Winters? What about the last episode hints that Nick was heading to the Capetown ‘headquarters’ of the rogue agent group? Wasn’t Hector heading there too? All my guesses are totally uninformed. Yours aren’t. Any ideas?


    • I’m guessing their subsidy ended and this was a way to economize (for whatever reason). And the end of the show did indicate (as you said) a different direction for the series. I also don’t know exactly what this means, either; will they still incorporate Berlin exteriors (that they do “on location”) but film the interior shots in Budapest?


  2. Disapppointing, but entirely logical move – the productions go to where the rates are cheapest. I am sure the German crew will be devastated. And maybe some of the actors, too.
    The whole BS3 thing feels very much up in their air to me. Ok, the third season has been announced, but with showrunners departing, the production locations changing and no confirmation on the cast, it just looks uncertain…


    • Well, they have a new showrunner (Horwich), and I’d read somewhere that Steinhauer is returning. Also, MGM TV followed Armitage recently, and Leland Orser has followed at least one Armitage fan whom I am aware of. Nordlicht linked an article from the Potsdam paper on one of the other posts — apparently the problem with Berlin is that the budget is not finalized so the subsidy could not be paid?


      • That’s what I understood, too. Since the German parliament has still not been able to confirm a coalition, all government business for the new legislative term is hanging in mid-air, including budget plans. (I can’t tell you how annoyed and frustrated I am with the situation as a German voter. This is absolutely unbelievable. I understand that the parties need to suss out the particulars of their coalition, but drawing the whole thing out from last September until now, is just ridiculous. They have a clear mandate from the electorate. I wish they had a Vatican style conclave, shut in an isolated room, one meal a day, and if there is no resolution after 8 days, it’s a diet of water and bread only. hmph! Sorry, tangent. Ignore.)


        • I don’t know what’s worse — a government that can’t form, or a constituted government that can’t govern (the US situation). You have my sympathies.


          • Yep, one is the pestilence, and the other the cholera. (The urge to apply for Irish citizenship is getting stronger and stronger…)

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            • I totally agree with your conclave idea. That would have made things so much easier and faster after all. The situation right now is so frustrating. Yes, coalition talks have to be made but not for weeks and weeks. I´d prefer if they would just admit that they don´t want to form a coaltion than talking for ages for nothing (like the FDP did). And still we don´t know how the SPD will decide about it.
              Apart from this it´s rather normal that the budget is not passed at the beginning of the year after an election. But probably it never took as long as this time. After all it would have been best the former parliament had passed the budget for 2018 but it´s general agreement in politics not to do this. However, no one ever expected it would take Germany that long to form a new government.


              • OH, the FDP, don’t even get me started. F#$’§&ing FDP. Engaging in weeks and weeks of negotiations and then walking out. Leaving it to the SPD to pick up the pieces. Really, it would be better if the SPD were in opposition, but it looks as if they have to do the responsible thing and enter government… Anyhow, here’s hoping they will eventually reach an agreement and get the whole ship moving again.

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