Goodbye Emma Chambers

My post about her sudden effect on me is here.

~ by Servetus on February 25, 2018.

8 Responses to “Goodbye Emma Chambers”

  1. Thanks for linking to that video of Emma Chambers in Notting Hill. I had forgotten how great and cringe-worthingly funny she was in that! So sad that she is gone.


  2. I was devastated to hear this news today. I loved Emma as Alice Tinker. She was the best.


  3. I loved her in Martin Chuzzlewit. What a performance!


  4. Only just read the incredibly sad news. Gone way too soon.


  5. i can’t quite believe it.. really sad 😦


  6. I was wondering what “of natural causes” means. I assume it means not by her own hand and not in an accident or mishap of some kind — but had she been ill?


  7. Oh! Incredibly sad…what a wonderful actress…laughed so hard in all her scenes… “Mr. Tumnus???”🤣


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