Rutina Wesley on Richard Armitage in Hannibal

This was from a panel at the Red Dragon Convention 4.

~ by Servetus on February 25, 2018.

13 Responses to “Rutina Wesley on Richard Armitage in Hannibal”

  1. Interesting. It’s always lovely to see or hear how much his fellow actors appreciate Richard.

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  2. I was following the tweets yesterday, too, and it kind of warmed my heart to read about the obvious respect and admiration. Well, that’s the sort of thing the starved fan-heart wants to read, anyway. And now I am going to search for some Dolarhyde/Reba fan fic 😁

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    • Ohh, this so warms my heart…..really needed to read these things and a wonderful reminder 🙂 Love what she says about his soft touch .. and the pie crusts LOL Makes me smile whistfully, how much we dreaded this role and how generous and giving it has been and good to us all and to him too.

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      • I was delighted to read this — but I can’t say I don’t still dread watching those episodes, or don’t cringe when I see the pictures.

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        • yes, i don’t know if i would be able to rewatch!! But the bits i found mesmerising with him are still so vivid in my mind’s eye i don’t feel i need to.


        • I’ve started re-watching an episode a night here and there recently (I watched it once when it was happening). I have to say that I am really enjoying the whole thing much more on the second viewing knowing I can relax a bit knowing nothing toooo horrible is going to be seen. I think his performance was stunning in this. The vocalization in front of the mirror, his performance with Hannibal when they were sat across from each other, his performance during the pie eating, eating the painting – his performance was truly ‘awe’ inspiring. When he has some meaty material like this, or The Crucible, Strike Back and even Pilgrimage, his characters are just so real.

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  3. It was hard to watch, but it was very well done. He is truly quite gifted.

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  4. Contrary to what goes on at the mo with #metoo worldwide, it’s really nice to read the supportive words Richard’s colleagues say about him.

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    • yeah, I doubt he’s the type to harass his coworkers sexually. He might goad them into another round of fighting or just one more take, though 🙂


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