~ by Servetus on March 12, 2018.

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  1. It’s not explicity stated but seems like they do stories together a la Wanderlust, no?

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  2. My, he’s a busy bee. A few days ago in NYC for last shots of Ocean’s8, and now presumably in London with Ms Fox and Audible.
    Honestly, I hope #wolvesandfoxes is/are different than Wanderlust, and what is this thing with Pukka tea? (Never drink it, so I wouldn’t know).


    • it’s very different material 😉 and i think they each read different stories from the collection. Pukka is a brand of organic, herbal teas, some quite nice but it’s become very ginger, cinnamon, sweet notes heavy which i don’t much like in tea. This is what Emilia was drinking 🙂


      • I hate they always label things with cranberries in them with “woman”.


        • I think the whole naming thing is tosh. And it’s most likely because of rose and vanilla which is very ‘feminine’ here Flavours I’ve always hated I used to like their nice herbals but they’ve now gone all weird and ‘fashionable’


          • oh: I assumed it’s because they’re always pushing cranberries on us here for our urinary health. I actually like cranberries and Wisconsin produces over 90 percent of the US’ cranberries — I just am annoyed by the rhetoric.

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            • I like em because i love tart things and miss sour cherries and here nobody talks about that health benefit. It’s just the sour note 😉 i live my life here trying to avoid drinking roses, vanilla and ginger lol. Yuck. It’s become craze! Like turmeric in every drink although it’s proven that it only absorbs through food for proper benefits. All part of latest supposed health fads which are big business. Sorry, don’t want to get angry, I’m like a bull with red flags with this.

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        • It’s one of my pet tea drinker peeves.
          There is an obsession here with sweet tastes rose, cinnamon and the like where as i like true old fashioned plant teas of the fresh, herby, bitter varieties. I hate 99% of their new tastes which is a real shame.

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    • The material could not be more different.

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  3. Exquisite. Hmmm indeed.


    • I don’t care for the description of a woman as if she were an object, but she is indeed beautiful. He’s revealed more than once that beautiful is the first thing he notices — typical male.


  4. Oooo they made this into a movie and one of my favourite movies too. Just remember that the worst wolves are hair on the inside. hehehe
    Little girls, this seems to say
    Never stop upon your way
    Never trust a stranger friend
    No one knows how it will end
    As you’re pretty, so be wise
    Wolves may lurk in every guise
    Handsome they may be, and kind
    Gay or charming, never mind
    Now, as then, ’tis simple truth
    Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth

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