The normal insanity

Perry found the links to the Wolverine postmortem podcast, also on Stitcher premium (1 and 2). I had looked briefly last night and not found them.

I woke up this morning, heard a news report, thought, that can’t be true, you must be dreaming still, and rolled over. Nope. Rex Tillerson’s been fired. Not that I was a fan but I did think he was a reasoning adult. This is the second time this happened this week (this was the other occasion).

Add to that, that our diplomacy is in complete tatters anyway. I’m in total agreement with David Frum here about the US response to the UK yesterday. In my penultimate job I advised three students into the US Foreign Service — dream jobs — who are now frantically trying to get out.

I have a job interview today for a job that, if a bill to be debated starting March 15 about outsourcing all government tasks is passed, would probably be outsourced.

My grades are due soon.


~ by Servetus on March 13, 2018.

9 Responses to “The normal insanity”

  1. I didn’t actually find the link – Stitcher sent it to me. The news is bonkers today. Fingers crossed for your job interview and the future of the job – and fingers crossed for PA-18.

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  2. Hugs, best wishes for the interview and .. a nice savoury aged beer and the end of it all! i thought i did hear right when Tillerson was out… Sheesh.. the world is run by some people as if it was a burger joint or something 😦

    I don’t think the UK foreign office is a much better place these days either… definitely makes one want to go to straight back to bed!
    Where is a superhero when we need him? 😉

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  3. “Cold war atmosphere”, I am coming back to my teenage years. As for innervating gaz Novitchok, I didn’t make this poisonous potion. I swear!
    La réalité dépasse largement la fiction ( cf le scénario improbable de Berlin Station. Mais dans son livre “la géopolitique des séries” Moisi Dominique était dans le vrai).
    I agree with what you said and refered to.
    Tous mes voeux pour votre nouveau boulot! Un peu d’espoir parmi tant de nouvelles ahurissantes (une femme à la tête de la CIA, mais en France les analystes politiques sont critiques..)

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  4. Best of luck for the interview..hope it went well!

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