Could “The Long Night” take Richard Armitage to the MCU screen?

In ScreenGeek: “in the few seconds on airtime that Armitage has appeared in so far, he has totally nailed the character. With the perfect level of necessary growl and heavy breathing, it’s easy to visualize him as the conflicted Canadian mutant, and may even be the stepping stone that the British actor needs for the much coveted MCU version of the character.”

~ by Servetus on March 15, 2018.

23 Responses to “Could “The Long Night” take Richard Armitage to the MCU screen?”

  1. Seriously doubt that RA would be willing or able to get the film role. For one thing, many of the longtime Wolverine fans have been rhapsodizing about the fact that this podcast went back to basics in their description of Logan – “short, square, hairy”. Our lean and not-so-mean 6’2″ Brit wouldn’t fit. Plus there’s his age. And who in their right mind would want to follow Hugh Jackman’s 17 YEAR gig as Logan? Or spend the necessary time in the gym to attempt an approximation of the Hugh/Logan bod? But I could see this podcast developing a real fan base and going on and on .

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    • It’s been apparent for a while that Armitage would like a franchise. And Jackman was tall, and Armitage has played someone short, and he’s in top physical shape and he doesn’t look his age IMO. I don’t see those things as obstacles, and I have been wondering for a while now if this was an attempt by Marvel to make Armitage palatable to fans in this role. I think if he didn’t want to invite comparisons to Jackman he wouldn’t have taken this on in the first place, because I don’t think this will have paid very well. This seems like a pretty clear “trying to get my foot in the door” step from him.

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    • His body was pretty buff in his Thorin/Proctor days. Granted, Jackman’s body is a different level for Wolverine/Logan, but Richard does what he puts his mind to. He is nothing, if not disciplined and determined, and Marvel is a huge prize that he covets. As far as his height, fans don’t do the casting. Money does.


  2. Huh……. Hollywood A-Lister…….. 😀


  3. There’s a possibility , Richard Armitage nailed it with his own Logan. No comparison. He is a spy in most of his projects. He is the Intellectual Logan.

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  4. He’s already in the MCU, though, as Heinz Kruger.


  5. They forgot Chris Evans going from Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four to Steve Rogers. People pull up these rules as if they’re arbitrary but not. Personally, it is time for Norman Osbourne/Green Goblin to make an appearance in Spiderman. He can do the role and this time the ‘novice’ can crawl up walls. 😉


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