I will always love you

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

So I may need to go to bed before The Bloody Chamber drops, but WGN was showing one of my favorite movies on the planet. Aaah. I still think about Thorin Oakenshield every day.

~ by Servetus on March 15, 2018.

8 Responses to “I will always love you”

  1. Me too. But I see him every day on a shelf in my closet and on the back of its door. I think of Thorin much more often than RA. Hmmm, I never realized that before.

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    • I want to go back and pinpoint the moment at which this happened for me — because in the first years it was really ALL about Mr. Thornton. You’re right that it doesn’t hurt that we have all the stuff. I have several in my bedroom. And there’s the fanfic.


  2. I really did laugh out loud when I read this, MS, because I could not fight the urge to watch Unexpected Journey – again – on WGN last night. Messed with my already-DST-whacked sleep this week. And even though I own the movie, I just got sucked in: could NOT turn the channel. I liked it even more than the last time I watched. RA had it going on for that role.


    • LOL. I was actually planning to watch some public interest programming and then I saw AUJ was an option. I’m sure I’ve seen it three dozen times by now.


  3. Thorin was a definitely larger than life character and one of the best. I adore Thorin and having the DVD have watched them all so many times. But goodness is always good. No matter how long it’s been.

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  4. RA’s Thorin ist einfach wunderbar (nicht nur optisch) und gerade weil die Figur wenig über persönliche Hintergründe und Erfahrungen (besonders im romantischen Bereich) preis gibt (und doch so viel andeutet), eignet sie sich so besonders gut für Tagträumereien. ❤

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    • Good point — the fantasy nature of the world enhances this, too — especially for any of us who are not especially bothered by the relevance of canon.

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