Because the point of Women’s History Month is merchandising

We’ll all stop bullying by BUYING something. Yup. Great strategy.

~ by Servetus on March 16, 2018.

12 Responses to “Because the point of Women’s History Month is merchandising”

  1. So, the products are all fake? I’m definitely not the target audience but I’m really confused by this campaign.


    • I’m not either, apparently, but it seems like you can buy the actual products that they describe as fake (and discriminatory) in their video. So, we don’t want pink cards, except, I guess we do, and we also want chips? What this has to do with cyberbullying is opaque to me. Maybe it’s an insider to a particular game.

      And: definitely — more Mumpitz from Cybersmile.

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  2. I wonder which part of the Canadian Wilderness he was in where there was no wifi? Interesting! I’m not on Twitter so not sure what this is all about. Nice to think he was somewhere in Canada though! 😉


  3. Well I know he’s not where I am cause there ain’t no snow here. Thank goodness.

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