Why Sir Raymond’s St Patrick’s Day vacation was disappointing #richardarmitage

The food

The beverages

Locals were unfriendly

Seriously. Locals were unfriendly.

Sir Raymond was mystified

There was a shortage of women, and the locals he met weren’t pretty

OK, “weren’t pretty” was an understatement

And while they did live up to their reputation for fighting

In the end, it wasn’t worth it

The sun almost never came out, the whole time

So Sir Raymond resolved to spend his next St Patrick’s day vacation in the South of France

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

~ by Servetus on March 17, 2018.

26 Responses to “Why Sir Raymond’s St Patrick’s Day vacation was disappointing #richardarmitage”

  1. 😂😂😂 love it!

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  2. Oh, you’ve outdone yourself, Serv! I’m in fits of laughter 😂😂😂


    Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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  3. LOL – wonderful. Thank you for this bit of fun. It’s really brightening up a very dull and blustery St Patrick’s Day here in Dublin. I’ve just been out to buy some bread and it’ll be very cold along the parade. I think I’ll watch it from the comfort of my couch ☘️

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  4. Looooool!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  5. gigglefit galore

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  6. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Servetus!

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  7. That was a masterpiece. You deserve a few pints of green beer as a reward. Not to mention a big pot of gold.

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    • This post courtesy of the latest presidential administration purge. It had been floating around in my mind after about 4 p.m. but when I heard the late night news, I needed to blow off some steam. I’ll definitely take a pot of gold! Hopefully you’ll find one today, too.


  8. Now that is one photo that will stay imprinted on my mind! Oh Seev you really have to stop doing this to me… lol as always thank you for the bright spot in my day,

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    • That last image is courtesy of an early blogger generation fan — she quickly decided she didn’t like the atmosphere and made her blog private. She was a fantastic graphic artist, though. She always asked not to be identified when her graphics were posted but I still think of her often.

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  9. A hoot! Thanks.

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  10. […] HERE […]


  11. Lol! Brilliant! Happy St Patrick’s Day Serv!

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  12. LUCAS! I miss him so much…..his eyes look great in green.

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  13. So funny! Reminds me of poor Charlie Brown in It’s the Great Pumpkin. “I got a rock.” Poor Raymond. Lousy food, drink, and company and only a box of rocks for his trouble.


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