Looks like it’s going to be a stream?

Here’s a new page from Blenheim Films. Of course, their online shop is “down for maintenance.” This is getting old. Look now, because it’s labeled “test.”

~ by Servetus on March 18, 2018.

15 Responses to “Looks like it’s going to be a stream?”

  1. I saw the promo and the new pic, but nothing happens. Site is “under maintenance.”


    • Yeah — the shop has been down for a week (at least that’s when I noticed it).


      • It’s feels silly of me, but whenever this comes up, I have a real vision of a $50 bill with wings flying off into the distance. I knew I was taking a risk, or just making a donation ( I declined the poster), so I’m not angry – but I still keep seeing that vision.


        • I don’t think she’s a bad actor, but she does everything to create that impression. I think something will result, but she isn’t going to commit to it ahead of time, and it won’t be on the expected timetable. She seems completely overwhelmed.


          • Chuckling. The term “bad actor” is a sore spot with me right now ( i.e. Sarah Sanders/AndrewMcCabe) I don’t think Candida Brady is a bad actor . She just seems incompetent to handle the task she’s set for herself.


  2. Further down the page it says Buy DVD 🙂 so not just stream

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    • Actually, the only live link on the page is for “watch now” (even though it ends in a dead end). There’s a graphic that says “buy DVD” but no hyperlink. So, apparently they don’t have a DVD for sale (shrugs).


  3. Well I’m counting on a DVD and hoping she comes through because I really want to see this – from all the pictures for this (including the new one to me included here) RA looks like he is acting his socks off in this.


  4. I’m hoping for a DVD. Maybe this is them prepping the site to actually be able to sell us copies soon. You’d think she could find someone to help her with the business aspects of this, even on a volunteer basis.

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  5. The site is still in ‘Maintenance Mode’ 😦 I’m hoping for a DVD too!


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