A kosher Pessach to all

Above: An Israeli dance company’s interpretation of one of the after-Seder Passover songs, “Echad mi yodea” (who knows one?)


What am I going out from this year? Hard to say. The news is still so bizarre, and I notice increasingly that I am getting older. On Erev Pessach, the Israeli Army kills at least 15 Palestinian demonstrators. This is the thing I most want liberation from at the moment: history. Which is the one thing no one gets freedom from on Passover. The recital of eternal redemption is just that: eternal.

Nonetheless: Liberation to all who are celebrating the Passover — and to all of us.

[Poor planning, Jewish calendar: I had decided a few days ago to try to do a complete media fast for the first days of the holiday, as I would normally have done a few years ago, without thinking about Richard Armitage at the NIFF. So I have plans now for tomorrow and I won’t be able to pick up the media traces. I’ll be back late Sunday night or Monday.]

~ by Servetus on March 30, 2018.

10 Responses to “A kosher Pessach to all”

  1. Chag Sameach, Serv❤

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  2. This dance was riveting, thanks for posting.

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    • I just became aware of it when I saw “7 Days at Entebbe” (it’s cut through the film). I found it extremely effective, but the people who don’t understand the significance of the song think it messes up the film, and those that do don’t like what the filmmaker appears to be saying with it.


  3. Serv, a very Happy Passover to you and yours. The video was very interesting…the music kind of gets to you. thank you for sharing.

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    • Happy 1st Sunday after the first full moon of the spring solstice, Ms. Witch 🙂

      The song is very effecting whether performed the usual way or this way, I find. When we sing it at a seder we try to sing each verse without breathing until the end.


  4. Wow! That was something! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Chag sameach, serv!


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