I think mum would have something to say about that


~ by Servetus on April 6, 2018.

17 Responses to “I think mum would have something to say about that”

  1. Okay, I know I’m Armitage hit and miss these days but has he finally gained some weight or just fooling me with camera angle. He looks healthier and younger than he has for awhile……to me.


  2. Agree that these are the nicest series of photos we’ve seen in ages. He looked like he enjoyed the evening and was relaxed. He clearly handles jet lag better than I do!

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  3. Her comment gave me tears of laughter, but good for her for sharing I think RA brings such an overwhelming feeling out in people that we have no control over our reaction. My close up with him at the Crucible stage door makes me appear ‘like a rabbit caught in the headlights’ and Richard must to be one of the kindest and most approachable people, it was so unfair. LOL

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  4. He looks really good in this picture. I also prefer him less skinny. I hope he’s happy.

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  5. Where was this taken? Are there more from the same event? He really does look better than he has for a while.


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