Lots of interesting Richard Armitage material here

Expands on the Jacques Le Coq connection (Theatre de la complicité is a company founded in that tradition).

~ by Servetus on April 10, 2018.

13 Responses to “Lots of interesting Richard Armitage material here”

  1. Wow! Thanks! Really interesting for so many reasons.

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  2. I like the French accent . I think other actors wouldn’t still be promoting BS if the were not in the next series so I am hopeful that he will be, even though distribution has been rubbish.
    I am a little afraid of the ‘Greek play’ it may be too avant-garde for me or it will continue as a Richard and Yael pipe dream which is continually talked about but has no substance.

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    • He may have been the “cheapest” headliner, in that he was probably already in England at the time. It sounds to me since Newcastle that this is no longer a play idea.


  3. I love his few words in French at the end. And his own Frenchifying of his name. (I hope he will not be in for 5 seasons of Berlin Station!)

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    • “u” is clearly the sound he struggles with though. Poor guy.

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      • Reminds me of “Würstchen”. I´d say he did a bit better back then.


        • it’s also consistently the vowel that is most noticeably problematic when he’s narrating in something like RP, as in the Heyer audiobooks.


          • Really? That´s interesting because you don´t have the “ü” sound in English.


            • we don’t have “ü,” but we have many vowels around “u” (not all of which are written with “u”). The way he says “school,” for instance, is something I always notice (it actually sounds a bit away from English long u and more toward ü) as jarring when he’s trying to sound “south” English.


              • Thank you, I´ll pay attention to that (and now I´m wondering where to get a snippet with him saying school immediately 😉)


              • Ah, you mean his pronunciation of “school” only when he´s trying to sound “south”?! Got that wrong first. Because I can´t hear anything remarkable when he´s just using the word in interviews (I´m not a native speaker, though).


                • My suspicion is that his native sound for that word is the one Mr Thornton uses in North & South (“I was taken from school” in ep 1). But when he’s doing e.g. Georgette Heyer, he’s trying to sound south — standard English pronunciation from elocution lessons — sometimes that same vowel creeps through. It’s mildly endearing.

                  It’s time for some more pronunciation studies after his long sojourn in the U.S. He’s definitely not gone native but there are some subtle changes, I think.


                  • Actually, I really hope he´ll never go native when it comes to pronunciation. But nevertheless I always welcome more pronunciation studies.

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