I’ve hesitated to get into this fray although I’ve seen it coming for a while #richardarmitage

Interesting article on Forbes about website movie ratings and Ocean’s 8‘s possible audience: “Ocean’s 8 by virtue of its cast and its concept has the potential to be a glorified “event movie” for women too old for superheroes or YA fantasy flicks.”

I’ve already seen alerts of at least a half-dozen events that will be scheduling a moving showing of Ocean’s 8 as a meet-and-great or fundraiser for women’s professional associations or other women’s groups. I’m excited about this possibility!

And I’m bracing now for months of trying to bite my tongue (and probably not succeeding) when I hear that all Richard Armitage fans care about is Richard Armitage. He’s my primary reason for watching and this isn’t the kind of film I go to, normally. But the great actresses and the look of the film as shown in the trailer are huge pluses for me and definitely make it more attractive. Armitage was cast really at the last minute in a supporting role, albeit an important one, and he’s stressed himself how great it was to work with Sandra Bullock among others. As is typical for him, he’s done nothing but forward and praise his colleagues.

I really, really hope we can stay away from talking about this film in “either / or” terms, as if every piece of attention one of the female headliners gets is taken away from Armitage. This is a film made around women; without them, he wouldn’t even be on screen. I for one am really pleased about that — both that women are fronting the film AND that I get to see him with them.

~ by Servetus on April 12, 2018.

9 Responses to “I’ve hesitated to get into this fray although I’ve seen it coming for a while #richardarmitage”

  1. I know right? Have your cake and eat it too. I look forward to Infinity War and. Ocean’s 8. Too old my ass.

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    • A lot of the women I know my age would probably be as the article described, but I get where you coming from. There are plenty who will want to see all of the films named.

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  2. This is their film, they have allowed him to join them on it. I hope that the cast would be enough to impress fans into appreciating it on that level. I don’t consider this a chick flick. This is, as you say a film for grown women. I would have wanted to see it even if Richard wasn’t in it. However, since he is, I’m really hoping they have an NYC premier too.

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  3. I mean, obviously LA, but I think it would make sense to have one there too. Met would be a really great tie-in.


  4. Probably make it a lot harder for public to be able to attend.

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