15 in in April is just a bit much


~ by Servetus on April 15, 2018.

11 Responses to “15 in in April is just a bit much”

  1. brrrrr……There seems no end to this winter in a lot of places! At least it’s now a bit warmer and sunnier here. Finally! I had buckets full of awful winter weather last week when I was in Newcastle and Edinburgh!!!

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  2. I don’t miss the more snowy places I’ve lived… the cherry blossoms are in full flower here. (Mind you, we have lots of rain!)

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  3. Freezing rain here, for two days now. It’s dreadful.

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  4. I’m sorry. Having grown up in a super-snowy part of the Midwest, I know that spring snow (as late as May in my experience) happens, but usually not in such high amounts!


    • Thanks. Yeah — no one would have said anything about 4 inches. But by this time of the year we expect it to have calmed down a bit!


  5. Well no two feet but still a mess up here. All the campuses of the tech school I go to are closed Monday. My youngest boy don’t have school either ( he is still in high school). What a awful mess but glad we didn’t get everything they said we where to get. I drove back to college from home today and it was a ride for sure. Then you have those people who think there is no need to slow down. I think it was four years ago that we had the May snow storm that we got a couple of feet. I don’t know about your part of the state but the fishing opener they mostly will be still ice fishing as there is still 2 feet of ice on the lakes. We still have over 2 feet of old snow plus what ever we got this weekend in our yard at home.

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    • The inland lakes are about half open, but this weekend will have messed it up again, and the ice shoves have already been really bad. Right now people are doing both ice fishing and regular fishing (we don’t really have an opening date except for things like sturgeon that have a limited season). If this all melts in five days, as is being predicted, there will be flooding everywhere.

      Glad you made it back to college. I wouldn’t let dad out on the road today, noway, nohow. He got frustrated but by the time the snow let up it was getting dark, and the county was still saying “stay off the road except in cases of emergency.” All the schools are closed tomorrow. Unfortunately my campus is only doing a late start 🙂


  6. According to tonight’s news, this is the second most snow we’ve had in 130 years. Tja.


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