Lots of new French-language interviews with Richard Armitage

As always, if you would like anything translated into English, please let me know.

Téléstar: He was relieved when Craig decided to extend his time in the James Bond role.

Toute la tele: He’s interested both in leading roles and in supporting / guest roles.

Paris Match: He often skips calling home or friends while shooting (this is old info but interesting that it’s still this way). And he would play Thorin again: “why not?” (this surprised me). Although he’d rather play a human, or participate in a story that wasn’t The Hobbit. He also refers to having nieces here (must be a mistake).

Comment on the series from an interview we’ve already seen.

In English; the trip to Langley was about seeing where Daniel grew up in the U.S.; the clue on the USB stick in season 1 was about “the money.” Huh.

And this one, which is really the only one that was really worth reading. I will translate all of it into English.

~ by Servetus on April 15, 2018.

9 Responses to “Lots of new French-language interviews with Richard Armitage”

  1. Thank you!
    He said: “J’aime la désobéissanc…” and further “C’est ce que je recherche : perdre le contrôle”.
    and “J’ai pris ce qui m’était proposé. Ce n’était pas toujours mon choix”. These two revelations are most surprising, quite astonishing.


  2. He did an incredible amount of talking that day in January…
    Looking forward to your translation of this long (written) interview!

    Liked by 1 person

    • He really did. I don’t think I quite realized. Seemed like a couple of hours in the morning.


      • I always find it amazing how he keeps his answers fresh every time. Hadn’t seen half of these and i wish i had a quarter of his patience… it made me go awww the way he defends PJ’s work and he’s right of course. Seems like they might have watched the Hobbit round xmas again together with all of us 😊
        I’m ok with a Bond villain should he go for it. In fact with Danny Boyle directing I’d be particularly interested but it’s not the end all. Apart from Skyfall haven’t really rewatched them. I love em but it’s a one off kick. I’d like to see him and Craig in a movie together but I’d like his baddie to be British rather than some foreign or bizarre caricature… but maybe that’s too much to ask of a Bond movie . We know from the recent NIFF stuff that he’s interested in more things otherwise I’d feel even more worried about the complete slide to the dark side.. I’d like a return back to centre from the psychologically damaged and pathological towards maybe just normal. Normal people are complicated enough. I do recognise though that that’s the big hole in male roles generally. You’re either a hero spy,cop, doctor, freighter or if you want something more complex it’s often only the dark side that offers it. Unless we’re talking more European tv stuff of course where there are more every day grey stuff stories. Just not the 22 eps 8 season kinds… i think i never quite appreciated fully how tough it is out there once you hit middle age and your skills are great, you’ve got the experience but the roles narrow in a way. Maybe i need ti get more comfortable with the dark side.. sigh 😣


  3. If you would, please, translate them into english? I’ve tried learning another language but can never seem to get it. Thank you very kindly. 🙂


    • Sure, no problem. I did post one above (the longest interview) but I will come to the other ones in a few days.


  4. IIRC he has one nephew and two God daughters


  5. wow, so much new stuff! thanks for the compilation! this must have indeed been quite a long day! and “about the money…”: “Matthew”…who “works in finance like everybody else” in Panama…oh, I’d love a story line about the shadow economy. fascinating material! but I do hope they manage to turn it into a better plot than what they fabricated with season 2…


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