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~ by Servetus on April 15, 2018.

14 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. I’m glad to see the museums are open at least part of the year.
    And thanks for the mention. 🙂

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  2. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I DO like those “tangentially related ” of yours. Go on sending them! They are for me material to study english through different sources. I often print on paper those I prefer working on and sometimes I show them to my English course partners (for example about clue, line).

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  3. Lots of interesting material here. The location details and pictures for North and South are fascinating. And I enjoyed Trudy’s analysis of Thornton in light of the me-too movement.

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  4. Very cool about the museum’s being open, even for a little.

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  5. Glad about the museums, hope they will get a lot of visitors and keep going.
    Thanks for the McArdle interview! i had a giggle at the statement at the end that the interview had been condensed 🙂 I found the discussion about why Louis leaves Prior very interesting as i did wonder when watching a lot. A lot of the rest made me smile, some with sadness. Maybe that’s what the Scottish actors often become so very good an fearless, because they have to be more of everything to get a foot in and they are fighters. I am glad somebody interviewed him as i always wondered how his casting went down and what he was making of NY. Really interesting discussion about Joe too and i get totally what he says about Russell as Joe, i got that vulnerability from him , it did make him a character one could sympathize with much easier in spite of everything. There is just something about Toovey in general that has that effect which is why i thought he worked so well in the role. Would be interesting to see other takes. As for me, can’t wait for the next 5h play he’s going to be in 🙂 Had forgotten about Mary Queen of Scotts, but would certainly be checking that out in Dec when it comes out.

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    • McArdle got the NY Drama Circle award nomination (I think; I get them mixed up), not Pace (shrugs).


      • yes, with Andrew Garfield. I was surprised i have to say. It always felt like an ensemble piece to me so anyone being picked out of the bunch is a bit weird ultimately. However otoh not that surprised re McArdle. My theatre talent spotting friend and i are claiming early rights ;-)) We noticed him back in the James plays when nobody knew who he was but he’s had a few awards since and is not only promising but a real theatre actor talent. I’m glad he’s still making the stage his main business in spite of several other opportunities.

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