Usually I’d be posting my weekly Wolverine thing, but this morning there were 16 in of snow on top of and around my car. Dad and I needed an hour to get it off. The recap and requested translations will probably follow tomorrow as I teach F2F today. Hope everyone has a good day and talk to you soon.

~ by Servetus on April 16, 2018.

12 Responses to “apologies”

  1. Drive safely!

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    • Thanks. The county was saying emergency traffic only so I just stayed at home for three days. Was a real relief to get out yesterday.

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      • Good plan. I’ve started following another Wisconsin blogger and she’s been posting pics of the deer in the winter and the accumulation of snow in her back yard. Looks like a lot for April.

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        • In our area apparently you have to go back 130 years to see this much snowfall period. My brother got 28.5 in in two days. We don’t often have blizzards here anymore either.


          Today we spent the morning trying to keep the robins from starving. Apparently they can’t get any water b/c everything’s frozen again, and their main food source (worms) is all blocked off with snow.

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  2. Yes, it was fun cleaning off the car this morning here, too. Drive safe and let’s hope this is winter’s last gasp!

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  3. Uch…really sorry about the snow! I hope weather improves soon! Keep warm x

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  4. The weather’s really weird ATM. Stay safe.

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