Richard Armitage, new audiobook, blah blah

It occurs to me that if he’s going to do an audiobook every month, the subscription price might be worth it. And this one’s even available in the U.S. Then again, the emotional price to pay for Audible’s relentless marketing could eventually get too high. Ugh is all I can say about that.

~ by Servetus on April 19, 2018.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage, new audiobook, blah blah”

  1. The same had occurred to me re:subscribing to Audible. I also can’t help wondering if “Hannibal” turned on some switch in Richard for the horror genre. I am less and less willing to follow him there. I’m pretty sure I may be unable to enjoy “The Lodge”. I’m for a good mystery and love an ending twist, but the description of “Their Lost Daughters” makes me wonder….Have you read the book, Serv?

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    • I have not. The title is a big turn-off. I’m not sure about this — I’ll think about it again in May when I have to think about spending the money.


  2. I am fine with detective stories but would prefer a nice (popcorn) movie (without bloodshed and death) available on dvd after it was shown in cinemas all around the world to a wide audience sigh

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  3. hm, not sure what others experience but i’ve had the subscription for about 2 years now and no marketing annoyance has reached me. All i get is the daily deal which i do open and have occasionally bought and another email with recommendations based on past stuff and that i mostly delete but sometimes do open. None of their twitter stuff reaches my emails and i could easily un-follow, not sure i actually follow them in fact, must check. But yeah.. i’d say no nuisance really. Much less than the Apple emails i have to deal with just because i have an iphone for work which i barely use and they plow me with several emails a week of stuff and products i have not interest in and i can’t get away from it as even to download necessary apps i have to have Apple sign in or whatever it is. The more annoying bit i guess in the US is the related commercial stuff around Breitabart and the like 😦 That would put me off, the local strand is less intrusive, i find at least.


    • If you subscribe and then unsubscribe, it follows you everywhere. I have 3rd party tracking set to off almost everywhere, I have explicitly told FB not to give me Audible ads, etc., and yet they still creep through. And b/c Armitage fans participate in the marketing so extensively it’s also inextricable from the Twitter Armitage tag (or rather tags, now, since it seems to have split about two weeks ago).


  4. I gave in and joined but have idea how I shall find the time for the Monster Collection no one has that amount of ironing lol

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