Ocean’s 8 cast speak at Cinemacon; no Richard Armitage

~ by Servetus on April 25, 2018.

5 Responses to “Ocean’s 8 cast speak at Cinemacon; no Richard Armitage”

  1. Wondering why he didn’t attend the event.. very silent on his side recently. Hope the family is well


  2. Richard, Rihanna and Helena also missing.


  3. To be perfectly honest, given the structure of the film and the size of his part i never really thought he would be part of any promo. I hoped of course, as one always does as i would have loved seeing him interact with all the ladies and such but realistically i knew that was a very very slim possibility.. I think we shouldn’t expect to see him at all.

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  4. I have to agree with Hariclea – didn’t really expect to see him doing publicity, given the film’s emphasis on it being female-centric. That said, I do find it somewhat distressing that he’s barely (& rarely) mentioned at all. Not sure I’ll go see this one but may wait until my local Redbox has it for rent.


  5. I didn’t necessarily think he’d attend THIS event as they really only had a few moments — this isn’t ComicCon, it’s about selling the films to theater owners and chains. I do think we will see him at the premiere. I think he may be in a little bit of promo, but I’m not laying bets on it. I wonder, though, if he was involved in the pickups on Monday or not.


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