Last shout out to Obstaclesverse

The author of Obstaclesverse (Remover of Obstacles) posted her last planned chapter of Dust in the Road today. Thorin and Bilbo are given a beautiful sunset years send-off. I’ve just loved these stories and reread them all many, many times. (And the author got to meet Richard Armitage in Newcastle: yay!) I assume most of my regular readers who enjoy Bagginshield are already aware of them but if not, try them out IN AWARENESS OF WHAT BAGGINSHIELD IS. If you haven’t read fanfic before, this may not necessarily be the place to start. And of course, read all the archive warnings before enjoying.

~ by Servetus on April 29, 2018.

2 Responses to “Last shout out to Obstaclesverse”

  1. Hello there, wonderful Servetus! Thank you so much for giving the Obstacles!verse a final shout-out and for so kindly promoting my work over the years – it really does mean the world to me! 🙂 I’m really pleased you enjoyed the series’ final chapter. I wanted to make sure I gave our boys the send-off they deserved and it’s lovely to know you think this has been achieved. Thanks again for being such a loyal reader of my stories and I hope you’re having a super Sunday! ❤

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    • Hi there, wonderful MistakenMagic! So sad to see these stories end. Looking forward to any other Bagginshield you write. I’ve read the SW stories too and like them (just not such a SW fan).


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