~ by Servetus on May 4, 2018.

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  1. Is there any way to see this? I would consider any method, how about a copy on a memory stick from someone ? I think I have been patient long enough. Sorry Mr Armitage but hearing you is not enough, the UK is still waiting for Berlin Station I can’t believe anything you say anymore after that, and the rubbish about being on stage before the summer.

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    • I sent you a message.

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    • Il reste à choisir des liens de visionnage illégaux ( de plus ou moins bonne qualité), ou bien à s’abonner à des médias privés payants… Comme Servetus et vous Yve, je suis “enerved”.

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    • If you mean the movie Amazon has it available
      I saw it there plus Into the Storm. I didn’t really get Sleepwalker even reading the Wikipedia
      summary. But he looks very very very handsome in it.


      • Many commentators here are from other countries. The Amazon offering, like many streaming offerings, differs by country due to intellectual property rights issues. Before stating that someone will have access to a particular work, it’s a good idea to ask where they are. Most long-time fans are relatively knowledgeable about how to view Armitage’s works because it’s become so complicated. (For instance: Berlin Station is available in the US on various platforms including Amazon but not on Netflix; in Germany Netflix is the only platform that has it.)


  2. Yea….aaaah…..


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