Richard Armitage: Blue, plaid, struggling

Richard Armitage in Tom Cahalan in Brain on Fire.

~ by Servetus on May 13, 2018.

15 Responses to “Richard Armitage: Blue, plaid, struggling”

  1. when will this make it to Netflix? Soon, i hope


  2. Actually you can watch it on YouTube just type in Full Movie Brian on Fire. It comes up. Has foreign subtitles but it is in English.Watched it on here and I was not impressed.


    • Wow. Had no idea. Well, well.


    • Just curious with the movie overall or Chloe Moretz or the subject matter? How was the sound and/or picture quality on You Tube?


      • CGM isn’t good, and the script isn’t that great. There was a lot of discussion of this at the time — I was at the TIFF and the director said he had rejected the whole matter of directorial POV. It’s just a straightforward narrative of Susannah Cahalan’s book, but without the science parts. OTOH Armitage looks great 🙂

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        • I did watch it today on YouTube and I think you are right on the money about the script and Chloe Moretz acting honestly I only know her from Coach ads and dating Brooklyn Beckham but I wish the movie had explored her relationships with Dad (Richard) and mom (Carrie Ann Moss) more
          You are so right Richard looked great and smokin hot. As an aside I stumbled on Sparkhouse on YouTube. I was curious and found his John very sweet and endearing. Again I’m late to the game w him and trying to catch up to everyone else😀

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          • That character really endeared Armitage to a lot of people, even though most fans saw that after North & South.


            • Yeah I felt he was so sweet and comforting
              to Carol knowing she was into someone
              else. I wished that John and Carol’s relationship had been drawn out more but I did
              see North and South before Sparkhouse and
              I love North and South so much I watch it
              as my comfort food now when I am stressed
              out. I have learned a lot from your blog incl
              new vocabulary words, new books to read
              and new plays to see so I feel I have found
              a place where similar thoughts and comments
              as my own are expressed so thank you for your blog!!

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  3. When I watched the movie on YouTube it was fine, I don’t remember it having sub titles and it was a decent quality. I would not have watched it if it would have been poor. So I am assuming this is the same one I watched, I just didn’t remember the foreign sub titles.

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  4. I watched it on You tube too…really for RA only! I thought he was good in it (no bias there eh, LoL! 😉 😉 He looked handsome & acted well. Loved him in these plaid shirts!

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  5. I finally got around to watching it after this reminder. In my opinion it was the worst I’ve seen of Richard’s work, mostly because of script problems. Richard’s character didn’t have a lot of depth so his temper didn’t feel authentic. I didn’t really have a problem with Chloe’s acting because she was just acting erratically. On the other hand, watching her act increasingly crazy dragged on for way too long to the point of being boring, and it wasn’t really explained. And then everything was completely resolved in the last 10 minutes. It was funny to see all the youtube comments from really young viewers who thought it was the best movie they had ever seen.

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    • I guess if you love Chloe, you really love Chloe 🙂

      I agree the script was poor, but I think that derives from the book, which is sort of a diagnosis manual. Which is fine, but that’s not really the purpose of drama in film.


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