Collateral attractions: Yael Farber will direct Hamlet at Dublin’s Gate in fall 2018

Here.  It stars a woman (Ruth Negga) as Hamlet. This is the project she referred to back here (last fall) as her next project, in tandem with Oedipus to Antigone.

~ by Servetus on May 15, 2018.

8 Responses to “Collateral attractions: Yael Farber will direct Hamlet at Dublin’s Gate in fall 2018”

  1. not the biggest fan of gender-reversed Shakespeare but it is a great cast so will give this is try 😉


    • I’m neutral on genderswaps. I would definitely try to see this if I lived in Dublin. Reading this kind of made me wonder — if she knew all that time ago that she was definitely doing this, then what was the real status of the Oedipus to Antigone? It sounds from information we’ve gotten in the interval like that isn’t happening at all any more (which also raises all kinds of questions in my mind).

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      • hmmmm, what kind of questions?


        • How much she / they knew and just weren’t saying. Maybe Oedipus to Antigone fell apart a lot sooner than we realized.


      • The Oedipus to Antigone was the project maybe w Richard for this Fall?


        • if you go back to the paper trail on this, Oedipus to Antigone was supposed to be produced by Marianne Elliot’s new production company (I think it’s called Elliot + Harper) or something like that. There were announcements about their season in the theater coverage of the Daily Mail (you can probably find links here if you search; I’m too lazy at the moment) and tweets from their theater columnist, Baz Bamigboye, in the fall of 2016. O to A was supposed to be the second or third show in the 17-18 season and it was supposed to go up in the late winter / early spring of 2017. There was a lot of speculation about why that didn’t happen — it wasn’t just that Armitage didn’t appear in the show, it was that the show didn’t happen, period. That’s what I’m referring to in my comment. Farber’s original statement that her “next” project would be at the Gate in Dublin was made in August 2017, and my question is she already knew at that point that OtoA wasn’t going to happen in spring of 2018.

          After that it got more complicated. Armitage said that he wanted to be in theater at the end of 2018, and the assumption was that it would be OtoA; then he said he and Farber were working on Macbeth; then there were suddenly three other Macbeths in preparation and he backed off from that and returned to the Greek idea; this spring he said in February that he’d be in a play before summer, then that didn’t happen; and in the most recent statements made at Newcastle, he’s backed off from referring to plays at all.

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        • Another possibility was because her Angels in America went from London to NYC, Elliott was too busy with that to be able to do a separate production in England this spring.


  2. “Est-ce quand le rideau se lève que notre vie commence?”

    Here is a good question asked at the “Conférence du Barreau de Paris”
    ( an annual eloquence compétition for 12 young lawyers at the Paris Bar. The subject was about: could it be only on theater scene or in a court room that a humanbeing (actor or lawyer) could be alive? A French actor who I like very much was a guest of honor.

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