Richard Armitage’s wardrobe purchases from Ocean’s 8?

Richard Armitage as Claude Becker and Anne Hathaway as Daphne Kluger in Ocean’s 8.

Voilà Richard Armitage on buying clothes from his roles:

“A lot of the clothes I wear every day were costumes from shows I’ve done. On Spooks, I ended up buying a lot of the gear – you get a minimal discount – because I just liked it. It’s that lazy mindset of ‘someone else has picked this because I look good in it, so I’ll have it’.

“Thing is, I get a little bit frustrated at being recognised sometimes, but then I think, ‘Of course you’ll be recognised, you bloody idiot, you’re wearing the costume’.”

UK Esquire (2013)

Now, I don’t think anything could take away from Richard Armitage’s striking attractiveness, but some of this stuff for Claude Becker, well, maybe he could wear it in order not to be identified. Anyway, I assume he didn’t buy the evening wear, but what do you think about the other items we’ve seen him in?

Gucci Fil coupé Duke men’s shirt, sold out but retailed for approximately $700 U.S.


Here’s a closeup of the pattern:


Richard Armitage and James Corden filming Ocean’s 8, February 2017.

I couldn’t find this style currently available in retail, but similar shoes sell for about $750. There are used options available, though, if you still need them.

And so I ask:

~ by Servetus on May 17, 2018.

40 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s wardrobe purchases from Ocean’s 8?”

  1. Elephants! I love elephants!

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  2. He looks fine (& I do mean Fine) in that shirt! But I’m not a fan of the shoes.

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  3. Puh, das Dekor dieser Schuhe ist ja bestenfalls ….. gewöhnungsbedürftig 😬 Mann, Hässlichkeit hat einen Namen…..
    Nein, dann lieber das Hemd. Das ist elefantös 😊


  4. There’s this unexpected contingent in favor of the shirt! Who knew? 🙂

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  5. I can picture the outfit he is wearing walking with Corden (including the scarf & coat) as something that might find its way into his own closet but the shirt and shoes are a no go.

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    • The pants he has on in that picture I think were something he actually wore at the stage door after LLL — or else incredibly similar.


  6. The shirt itself is kind of cute with the elephants, playful and cheerful, so the pattern is nice and I have no objection to that. The shoes, however… IDK, I would only expect the silliest and most superficial of men to wear that. (Which may actually the point in terms of costuming for the film, I suppose.) As for RA buying the gear from the set – on the one hand it seems sensible, as he has argued himself. Then there is the idea of re-using something that is perfectly fine to wear and would otherwise go to waste. So, also a point in favour for buying this stuff. However, I’m not a big believer in designer exclusivity, in paying a massive price for clothes. But I understand that celebs are expected to do so, and in a way they are channelling money in an industry. At least RA tends to keep his clothes for a long time, so he does get his money’s worth…


    • so the discounts for buying set clothes is not that small.. tends to be 50% so it’s always good value if you like it and they don’t need it 🙂

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      • The sense of the passage implies that he should have said “minimal cost” rather than “minimal discount.” I imagine that’s how he picked up his Belstaff habit.

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    • I suspect a costume like this wouldn’t go to waste even if he didn’t buy it. Those shoes are worth more than half of retail price on the secondary market, and it looks like “pre-owned” Gucci shirts still hold half their retail value, so I’m guessing someone would obtain them and resell them if they were in good condition.

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  7. I like the shirt, but would never pay such money. In my grumpy old age I am more and more annoyed by the whole “designer” thing. I just ask myself “why?” The shoes might be ok for a 12 year old boy, but for a grown man they are just plain silly.

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    • I’ve never really been in the designer market at this level. There are some clothing brands I am loyal to, but they tend to be middle class things (Birkenstock, for example, or Doc Martens). Mom and i used to argue when I bought shoes about whether Birkenstocks were better than the equivalent no name sandals.


    • …LOL! There seems to be a bit of a 12 year old in him sometimes…

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  8. I love the elephant shirt. Then again, I lived near Palm Beach for quite a while, so I’m used to men in Lilly Pulitzer and other eye-catching fabrics.

    But the rottweiler shoes look comfy, so maybe he bought them even though they look silly.


  9. My husband is in no case an expert in fashion, but he find the shirt ok, he would wear it. The shoes are really a no go, also for my boys. I can’t repeat the comments about the shoes. I would never take the shoes even if they would be for free.
    For RA the coat and scarf suits him well. Is he really wearing this shirt in the film?


    • I haven’t seen the film so I can’t tell you, but this was one of the publicity stills from the film that went out with the blitz yesterday about Cartier being the film’s official jeweler.


  10. He strikes me as a bit of a sucker for designer labels (notwithstanding that he’s admitted that he does not have much of an inherent sense of style). I wouldn’t put it past him to get both the shirt and the shoes…if the price was right!

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  11. The shirt is kinda fun as the design is not too in yer face 🙂 I had a giggle with my eyes twitching at watching the elephants go one way and the next row the other way 🙂 It’s definitely wearable though not really his style i would say. The shoes…. the less said the better. Not to be caught dead in!

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  12. The shoes are butt ugly. The shirt is very old school Jcrew. They have been placing “critters” on their shirts for years.


    • that’s certainly more affordable. But I know actual humans who wear J Crew and I’ve never seen any of these shirts on a person.


      • Yes! I wore J Crew (esp mens tees) throughout my 30s and into my 40s and the style was more classic traditional although they had some vibrant colors for both men and women. I used to get heart palpitations when the J Crew clearance catalog would come through the mail! Like a kid in a candy store. I only wish they had made more prints back in the 90’s and early 2000s. I know Tommy Hilfiger made a lot of flag shirts and sailing shirt motifs for men back then. Of course one of the most famous critters is the Lacoste alligator which was huge when I was in high school in the 80s.

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