Scott White is ready to return to reality #richardarmitage

~ by Servetus on May 20, 2018.

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  1. So where to start. I read your overall review first then went back to read the summary and analysis which helped me a great deal! I plan on seeing the movie again with a much clearer
    perspective about the plot, subplot, sub sub plot. Maybe Richard was drawn to the complexity of the characters and the idea of
    fantasy vs reality what is real vs what we believe is real or wish was real. Maybe he too
    was a sleepwalker as a child. I was although I
    made it to the bathroom brushing my teeth
    when my mom shook me awake never out the door and into my car. My niece
    sleepwalks too. I think the mark of a good movie that leaves an impression is to view
    multiple times finding new things and sayings and expressions each viewing. So kudos to
    the director for the layers he puts in Sleepwalker. I agree wholeheartedly that the
    costumes worn by Ahna were bizarre and sort
    of upscale designer but maybe retro consignment not what a grad student would perhaps wear. Thank you for such a thought
    provoking and brilliant analysis of the film!
    I think the director would be delighted and
    flattered by your review and analysis.


  2. I was a sleepwalker as a child and still do it occasionally.

    I think it must have been an interesting script to read. He has frequently said that he enjoys speculative and science fictiony sorts of things.

    I’m glad the review was useful to you, but I never write with the creatives in mind as an audience. My judgment falls where it falls. What they think of what I have to say, if they are aware of it, is up to them. This is really important to me — otherwise I’d be nothing more than a shill for an industry that I’m at best ambivalent about. More here:


    • Yeah I just think your analysis of the movie
      insightful for me as a viewer bec I went
      huh? at the end of it like what just happened
      here. Then I started to read some interviews
      on line about it but I only watched it bec
      Richard was in it. I thought I read that he said
      he didn’t get it either when he first read
      the script but then went on to say something
      like he was playing two characters which
      actually helped me more to understand his
      role in the movie. As an aside I was curious
      about your thoughts on The Golden Hour
      I’ve tried to locate some mentions of it online
      re his character of Dr Alex Track. I saw
      The Golden Hour on You Tube this past
      week and thought he was well ummm
      emotionally detached maybe?


      • The character was supposed to be that way, a little. The kind of doctor who gives himself to his career and his patients but not so much to his friends / lover.

        Do you know this site? There are really excellent discussions of his early work on it. I don’t think I ever posted about TGH in any detail.

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  3. After Brain on Fire and The Pilgrimage ( too violent for me) Sleepwalker was a great role for him. I have not been as satisfied with his selections but this one brought him back to me. Had just enough suspense and thrill to keep me wanting to watch it. Plus he was not just in it here and there. It is one of those movies you back to off and on. It is on my computer for which I am very happy. I believe I would enjoy Urban and The Shed Crew, if it ever gets to be a DVD. Then of course we have O8 to look forward to, but I will have to see how much he really is on screen before I decide. The man looks gorgeous on big screens and even little one. )

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