Richard Armitage tangentially related

Ocean’s 8:

[my coverage of this is going to start to get more intermittent, as I’m starting to see spoilers in the advance publicity. If I notice there’s a spoiler in something I will try to indicate — and my boundary will be low because of my lack of knowledge about the franchise. But other than that I’m planning to buy my advance tix on Friday and stay as unspoiled as possible till I see the film on its opening night.]

Current projects:

Wolverine: The Long Night:

  • Review at (Which make me wonder if they actually listened to his voice in this piece): “The voice acting is top notch, headlined by baritone Hobbit star Richard Armitage as Logan.”
  • Review at Comicosity: “As far as the acting talents who make up the dominant cast, praise goes first to the fantastic Richard Armitage (whom many might know as Thorin from Lord of the Rings, Francis Dolarhyde from Hannibal or even Trevor Belmont from Castlevania). It is difficult to think of a ‘sound’ for Wolverine that isn’t Hugh Jackman, but if Wolverine: The Long Night is a backdoor test to see how a new Wolverine actor might sound, he succeeds in ever way imaginable. While Armitage’s turn as Wolverine is actually one of the smaller parts in the series, the time Armitage does have dominates everything else in every episode he stars in. There are some smaller moments, especially from the first few episodes, which weigh heavier than some of his longer speaking moments in later episodes.”

Collateral attractions / degrees of separation:

Industry issues:

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