And here’s the followup

~ by Servetus on June 6, 2018.

11 Responses to “And here’s the followup”

  1. They’re on a roll, father & son🙃

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    • I still remember him recounting his father asking him how the Hobbit filmmakers moved his eyes closer together!


  2. Hahaha! Maybe Tall Dwarf needs to reach out
    to Empress Threadz soon for some wardrobe
    advice! Really sweet and endearing nod
    to his dad! What a sweetheart! 😀

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  3. Just wondering whether RA will continue to be NYC based??


    • If he wants to maintain his visa and tax status he will need to spend at least some time in the US (and work here), such that there’s an indication that he still sees himself as a permanent resident. But I don’t know what his priorities are, necessarily.


  4. I love seeing these little glimpses of his family interactions. Speaking of tall dwarf… I noticed the picture his brother posted of his mum and dad’s golden anniversary on his mum’s tribute site. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of his dad before. I always figured he must be tall, but apparently not!

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    • I don’t think I’d seen a picture, just glimpses of him at various events. So I knew he wasn’t tall. I think to some extent the height of the wartime generation in all of Europe was negatively impacted by food shortages. I have a lot of very tall German friends with short parents. Anecdotally, anyway.

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      • Height is a peculiar feature – and I think it may skip a generation.
        My dad was tall, but his dad was short; my husband is tall, but his dad was short; I’m tall and my husband’s tall, but our son will seemingly not be so very tall (he’s 16, but he’s still some 15 cm shorter than his dad).
        Perhaps Richard took his dad with him to Berlin.

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        • I’m shorter than both of my parents, who were tall for their generation, but my brother is taller than both of them. I don’t think “skips a generation” is a thing. I think it’s a combination of genetic inheritance and environmental factors (diet, health, etc.).


  5. Lovely to see their comments they always seemed a close family I am sure they are supporting each other, I recall images of John at the Berlin (Hobbit ) red carpet event looking a bit overwhelmed but as a family they stuck together.

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    • I think any normal person would be overwhelmed in that setting. I’m sure I would. I hope they’re all okay.


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