We can look forward to #richardarmitage in Castlevania 3

More at Digital Spy.

~ by Servetus on June 7, 2018.

6 Responses to “We can look forward to #richardarmitage in Castlevania 3”

  1. Can’t wait for season 2, let alone the third.. ❤

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    • Yeah. I wonder if he actually had permission to say this.


      • I know! I thought the same thing like Uh Richard we haven’t announced anything yet thanks bloke! I wish he had that clairvoyance for BS3

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        • The first people from Epix are in Budapest now, already. So I am guessing it’s either “no” or else a hugely abbreviated role (a la Strike Back 2).


          • Gosh that is heartbreaking I mean I thought he
            series was built around him so just to have
            essentially a cameo like in Strike Back S 2
            is very disappointing to me. So all the
            other regulars are in Budapest already?


            • that I don’t know about — just the fashion and location people are there.

              I don’t know anything about casting. There are conflicting signs. But I do think we’d have at least heard a rumor of some kind, and there hasn’t been anything that I’m aware of.


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