Looks like Richard Armitage is committed to reading more of Joy Ellis’ novels


~ by Servetus on June 8, 2018.

8 Responses to “Looks like Richard Armitage is committed to reading more of Joy Ellis’ novels”

  1. Seems he was a busy boy the last few weeks of May, maybe he was local bec of his mom.


  2. Admirable output. Hard to keep up with.


  3. It’s weird and this is probably just a red herring, but at the moment I am totally reminded of 2010 where all of a sudden we got all these TV voiceovers. Later we realized that he was treading water on bigger projects.

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    • Oh, interesting parallel. I like the idea of a big project in the works…

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      • I may just really want to believe that something bigger is in the wings. If he turns solely into a voice artist that might kill it for me — death of a thousand cuts.

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        • I think recent events may have contributed to his decisions. He certainly doesn’t seem to want to get involved in main stream films. I find some of his choices a bit strange but Hey, ho it’s his life. He might surprise us yet.


          • I don’t know that we can deduce that because he hasn’t been cast in a mainstream film, he’s not interested in doing one. At the end of 2016 he expressed interest in a number of big franchises, and we know he would have been in the Jackson Mortal Engines film had he been able to manage the scheduling.

            The surprise for me wouldn’t be if he did more voicework, but if I were able to continue a crush solely on that basis. So it would be a surprise about me, not about him.


  4. […] has received critical acclaim. For other news on Richard Armitage’s audio projects, check out here  here , and a very current discussion […]


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