My Zoe musical inspiration

~ by Servetus on June 11, 2018.

4 Responses to “My Zoe musical inspiration”

  1. So I listened to Sleepthiefs post on YouTube
    for the band Delerium song “Chrysalis Heart”
    which was pretty good! Very dreamy and the singers voice is very haunting. Maybe Richard used it to relax after a day of intense scenes. I don’t know if the Sleepthief Guy is a music producer or writer or promoter or a plethora of all those but kudos to him for getting a shout out and I hope he finds more success!


    • Armitage definitely has eclectic tastes in music.


      • Yes I would agree! I think he would love Joy Division, vintage Depeche Mode, New Order and I read he liked Kate Bush which this singer reminded me of but Kate’s range is a bit stronger. I know he grooved to Smooth Criminal but I was never a fan of MJ music after Off The Wall.


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