A new Richard Armitage Audible interview

Although I have to say — please just keep the word Jackman out of your mouth. I don’t care if this is someone else.



~ by Servetus on June 12, 2018.

8 Responses to “A new Richard Armitage Audible interview”

  1. LOL. Just in case people weren’t confused enough. Doesn’t Jackman, the character, have a first name?

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  2. I’m confused… ?


    • About eighteen months ago he complained that people kept confusing him with Hugh Jackman. Now he’s reading a book with a “Jackman” as a main character.


      • Außer dass beide dunkle Haare haben, kann ich kaum eine Ähnlichkeit erkennen. Nun ja, für Außenstehende vielleicht…
        Herzlichen Dank für die Erklärung 🙂
        (Es gibt schlimmere Verwechslungen. Wenn man allerdings dem breiten Publikum so unbekannt ist wie RA, dann ist jede Verwechslung eine zu viel.)


        • You have to be looking at the right pictures for comparison, but I can see how it happens. the only thing that really bothers me is that someone made a mashup of their faces about six years ago when that fad was happening, and now it regularly shows up as a picture of Armitage.


  3. That was a great way to spend 30 minutes. He is sounding wonderful.
    Though I WISH he’d quit telling that watermelon story…

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