Richard Armitage tangentially related

I meant to post this tweet from Zoe Kazan before but it got lost in the shuffle:

Ocean’s 8 continues:

Industry issues:

Past projects:

~ by Servetus on June 12, 2018.

5 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Thanks for all these goodies. LOVE X3 Zoe’s tweet.


  2. Interesting article about the TV viewing. I don’t watch TV exactly like that, although I guess I read like that. I now have a book on my phone that I can read in snippets, but I would read different books for a longer reading session. For TV, I have intentional viewing with hubby usually on the day it is broadcast, intentional viewing on my own which might be binged, and brain-dead viewing when I am really tired that I can turn off partway through and pick up later. The last category is usually house hunters or say yes to the dress or something that requires no brain power.


    • I think for interstitial viewing I’d have to be in the habit of using a mobile device, and I don’t, although I think most people do, hence all the moaning about data amounts. I do always carry a book with me, though, and that’s what plays that role in my life (e.g., tonight between films at the cinema). Dad does use TV for background noise — but I don’t really watch most of that.

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      • I don’t watch TV much on my phone, mainly because I hate using earbuds. But I usually have a book downloaded, which doesn’t then require data. I’ve got the 5th book of the Uhtred series for my interstitial reading right now. I’m enjoying sinking back in with the character for a few minutes at a time.

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