I got my Richard Armitage boots shot!

~ by Servetus on June 13, 2018.

21 Responses to “I got my Richard Armitage boots shot!”

  1. I’m really looking forward to this. Love the boots, and the fact that she obviously got on with him like a house on fire 😊

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  2. I’ve read THEIR LOST DAUGHTERS. It is, to my disappointment, not well written, but the mystery story is good. I read a lot of detective-murder mystery-type things, as well as true crime accounts, so I tend to figure things out pretty early on, but I didn’t with this one. It’s definitely worth a go, but if you’re looking for good prose to go along with a good story, you may be disappointed and/or distracted, as I was. Perhaps listening to it is the best way to go. I thought about Richard as Jackman when I read it, even though Jackman is only supposed to be 32-33 years old. He’s right – it is a good character!

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    • TBH, I’d been wondering. I read about 5-6 mysteries per month and I would say I know the solution before I’m halfway through the book at least half the time. That augurs well, if you were still guessing (and it wasn’t a situation where they pasted an explanation on at the end that should have been paced throughout the narrative.) The book is not in our library, so i can’t “test it out.” I will buy it to support Armitage’s career, but it’s true that the quality of the prose is important in an audiobook, too.


  3. Obviously so many of us have the same problem when you read a certain type of book you pick up on it too quickly. I stopped reading mysteries because of always knowing who it was. But I always loved a good mystery and with RA’s acting ability and voice I am sure it will bring life to the story.I checked and it is to arrive tomorrow for my audio selection.


    • I think that’s true. So many of us started off reading Agatha Christie as tweens (I know I did, one summer when I was sick a lot) and she sets a high standard for plotting.


  4. Richard Armitage’s entire outfit head to toe hit all my sexy boxes. Joy Ellis seems a sweet quiet lady.

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  5. I didn’t even notice the shoes/boots. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to watch it again😜


  6. I love the idea of a mini-series with RA as Jackman. If the author herself thinks he’s a perfect fit, that’s good enough for me 😉

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  7. awww and those boots yes.. the entire outfit actually, i am so glad this is coming out now, will do my utmost to make it last so i have at least a little bit every day to look forward to


  8. Love most of RA’s shoes and socks….and I thought of you when I saw the boots in this clip. What caught my attention was the fine chain peeking through at his neck. Anytime I see evidence of him wearing a necklace, I want to see what’s hanging under his shirt.

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    • he’s worn these before, but when exactly slips my mind. Or a very similar pair. I hadn’t noticed the necklace, thanks for the headsup!

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