Ocean’s 8 open thread, if you like [spoilers okay]

I thought I’d just leave a  post pinned to the top if anyone who’s seen it wants to leave a comment about what they loved, hated, etc., and doesn’t want to dig through the storm of posts from the last week or so. This post is stuck to the top, so for a while new posts will appear below this one.

~ by Servetus on June 13, 2018.

8 Responses to “Ocean’s 8 open thread, if you like [spoilers okay]”

  1. I watched the film last night in preview. I must admit that when learning the existence of this movie, I was not very excited, but thinking about it, I tell myself why not …
    The spectators were not a lot. But where I am living Le Mans’ 24 hours motor racing and floods due to exceptional rains are concentrating the minds and not Ocean 8, for which critics are very divided. The men and women, who were present at the screening, laughed a lot and were happy at the end.
     It’sis as a good summer entertainment movie. I appreciate Armitage’s characteristically flawless character. This role is not arbitrary and exposes various facets of his habilities, skills as actor. To see him playing a barely awake person was enjoyable. Without prosthesis, in a blockbuster, it’s a huge opportunity to finally get out of anonymity. Each spectator can find his choise on the number of thicknesses of clothing that he wishes to be worn by this “Never Again Nameless Actor”.
    I find that botox and cosmetic surgery freeze the face of some female stars; I thought I was watching their Madame Tussaud’s wax. There is a loss in their ability to express emotions.
     The cast is splendid, the least actor is credible and deserves that we focus on his her acting.
    The beginning and the presentation of the plot are too slow. I would have liked to see the roles of John Frazier and Claude Becker more developed. The end is truncated, it ended in fishtail! There should be a sequel … Nice!


    • plastic surgery: I have to admit, I wondered about Sandra Bullock.

      I loved sleepy Armitage!

      I’m glad you liked it — I think you and I got similar things out of it.


      • 🙂 Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchet too, but I was happy to discover those old actresses as thiefs.
        I think that I am going to watch a VO version in the near future. His voice was missing me!
        Regarding messages, I don’t find any advocacy for gays or lesbians (although all genres are represented) but more a film, where women take revenge but where they are as caricatured and ridiculed as men .

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        • “old actresses as thiefs” I spoke about 3 or 4 other old ladies, who sold the jewels, at the end of the movie.


        • I think it depends on what you got out of two scenes: the one where Sandra Bullock says that she started scamming with Claude because “Lou and I were going through a rough patch” (in English), and then the one where they argue about the feasibility of having Claude as the mark / Anne Hathaway’s date at the Gala, where there’s enough tension that it might signal a past romantic relationship history. But it’s not explicit, that’s for sure.

          re: old ladies — yes, all well known actors in their own right. Especially (for me) Marlo Thomas. They were perfectly cast.

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  2. I saw the movie today as part of my double feature with Incredibles 2(which was incredible) and really enjoyed it! I have never seen the other Ocean’s movies, and it didn’t really matter. I was able to follow it just fine. I thought it was a lot of fun, and it was my first time actually seeing Richard Armitage on the big screen, so that made it extra fun for me! Normally I just see his stuff on dvd, but he’s so much prettier on the big screen!

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    • I agree — there’s something special about the big screen thing. I saw Into the Storm many more times than I would ahve needed to for just that reason.


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