Richard Armitage Batman rumors won’t die

An article today in Digital Spy adds detail to our knowledge about this episode. I saw this BMD blind item a few weeks ago, though, and I still think it’s probably someone else. Has Armitage ever played a detective?

~ by Servetus on June 13, 2018.

17 Responses to “Richard Armitage Batman rumors won’t die”

  1. Not straight out, but he did detection work in Berlin Station and Strike Back, and on my screen, there is an ad for The Lost Daughters. I don’t think it’s him because, would “folks be excited”?


    • or maybe it’s not Batman. I mean, my familarity with that extends to seeing a few reruns as a kid with Adam West.


    • oh, re: folks being excited — BMD is the house blog of the Alamo Drafthouse. They’re all massive geeks. They might plausibly be excited.


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  3. I didn’t know what BMD was so. Affleck is horrible as Batman just as Val Kilmer and Clooney were terrible. Has Affleck decided no more turns as Batman and now they are speculating who’s next or is it a wait game like Craig did with James Bond although he said he would never do it again then I guess enough money was set his way to change his mind.


  4. From what I have seen he is doing the audio for “The Lost Daughters”. I have it on order, is to start the 16th. It says narrator Richard Armitage. It is writtern by the same mystery writer of the other ones that were advertised.


  5. I don’t see how the BMD item is hinting at a new batman (or RA for that matter). The hints I got from the article is it’s a detective, named Columbo, and the actor in question was probably a former batman. The first batman perhaps. So my guess is Michael Keaton as Columbo.


    • I’m still thinking maybe RA for Emperor Penguin in a new Batman movie

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    • Well, it has to be a superhero film. Columbo is usually not seen as superhero genre. It also has to be a superhero with a sidekick. Batman is the first that pops into mind.


  6. […] was the Richard Armitage rumor that never really materialized. That never interested me all that much, although there were a lot of fan reactions. Like Bond, it […]


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