Armitage mature

Richard Armitage, image disseminated by Audible in conjunction with release of Their Lost Daughters, June 14, 2018 (photographer: Dan Kennedy?)

This was my favorite of the two images we received today. Not so much because of the facial expression — is this in character? — although it’s better for me than the other (and the clutching at the coat does nothing for me at all). It reminds me most of the Robert Ascroft photos taken in 2012, which have remained my favorite series over the years.

But, it’s something simpler and more apparent that makes this photo speak to me: it’s that you can see that this is a man in his forties.

I am aware of the eternal running after the youth market in Hollywood and the entertainment industry more generally. I get that it might be easier for someone younger looking to find certain kinds of roles. I also understand that many people regard their own aging with distaste, and there have been signs from time to time that Armitage might be such a one. Boyish Armitage has his place and I enjoy those photos, too.

Those concessions made: this picture shows a sovereign individual who’s seen a few things, who’s done a few things, who’s frowned from time to time and whose face shows it. This might be Rowan Jackman. But if so, he’s wearing Richard Armitage’s face, and Richard Armitage is strong, and shows the signs of experience — the arched eyebrow, the slight wrinkles, a little grey at the margins of his hair.

We have heard many songs of Armitage’s innocence over the years and they remain beautiful. But this photo is a song of experience, a reflection of someone in the prime of his power who shows that he has lived, and is living, his life. Someone with a firm energy and a curious mind, a sensitive approach based on a fearless personality, one that can only come from living.

I don’t know if Richard Armitage is always that person — but I’d like to think so — and this photo suggests it could be true.

~ by Servetus on June 15, 2018.

22 Responses to “Armitage mature”

  1. Well said Serv! 😊

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  2. Da kann ich dir nur zustimmen.

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  3. Totally agree with you Serv. He is stunningly beautiful.

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  4. There is so much character in his face and this photo shows that. Agreed that he may be advised to maintain as youthful a look as possible for Hollywood but if he is interested in pursuing character roles then this photo would be a great one to be showing casting directors.

    Is this a candidate for your next header Servetus?

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    • I think headshots are intentionally set up to be character-free. I remember reading this somewhere, or maybe Guylty wrote about it. The thing is that the director is supposed to be able to write any character in his mind onto the blank tablet of the face.

      It would be a candidate if I found a photo file with sufficient resolution.


  5. Smoldering, sensuous, and stimulating with a touch of mystery…. but always debonair and devilishly handsome!!!

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  6. Yep! I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head! 🙂

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  7. […] beach, but these are even greater! I was wondering what made me love these images so much, and then read Servetus’s little analysis – she has really hit the nail right on the head! A man of experience and a certain maturity, […]


  8. I think he has his days when it just sucks to be over 45 and then realize at least he, and I and you, and everyone did not have to spend our 20’s on Twitter.

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  9. I think it might be intended to be in character as Jackman, but I think it’s also reflective of himself, & yes, this pic is breathtaking. He seems more comfortable in his own skin now, & that makes me happy for him.

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  10. Definitely love this picture and he is looking wonderful with the touch of gray in the hair and I love the coat and on him his expression, he is like fine wine seems to age beautifully.

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    • He could very easily continue attracting people to see him on stage with this kind of vibe, IMO. There are a lot of great roles for middle aged men. Power and experience are key.

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  11. I would look at this picture and say…he looks tired. Lol


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