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Film press is finally turning down the noise on Ocean’s 8 a bit, although there were still many alerts to read because of the London premiere this week. In my local chain, the showings available have been reduced by about half, which suggests they think there are still many people who will want to see it. I expected a bit greater reduction as this weekend’s opening in the U.S. is The Incredibles 2, which is hotly anticipated.

Ocean’s 8:

Berlin Station:

  • THR reviews EPIX’s new series, Deep State. Included here because of this evaluation: “The references to current events and international relations are rote, definitely less nuanced and invested than Epix’s otherwise similar Berlin Station.” Hard to figure. Summary: watch it for Mark Strong and for solid production values. Reminder that EPIX is running a free streaming weekend this weekend if you are interested in seeing it (presumably only in the U.S.).

The Hobbit:

  • Screen Rants on “sweethearts” and “not sweethearts” in the Hobbit / LOTR casts. Since I got into a frankly stupid discussion about this on Twitter, I’ll note for the record that I don’t endorse every assertion in this article. There are at least two factual errors I’m aware of. I agree with some interpretations and not with others. However, I also learned a few things that I didn’t know. And yes, before one believes these things one must seek out and evaluate the source.


Stop Cyberbullying Day (blerg):

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