So there’s this

Here‘s this piece by Armitage on his audible books. (Because I am a pedant, The Bloody Chamber isn’t post-feminist; it’s from a strand of feminism that was highly contested in the 70s and sort disappeared / went underground; but it’s certainly a fully feminist piece.) Some fans have capped this picture:

~ by Servetus on June 18, 2018.

2 Responses to “So there’s this”

  1. Looks like a compilation to me, of old quotes made by Armitage over time, most of them in Audible interviews?

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  2. Definitely a rehash of his interviews with Audible, put into altered sentences. When I was reviewing Jekyll and Hyde and pulling out a quote from his interview, I was noticing how his sentences meander and run on when he provides interview answers — it was hard to get the complete thought in a short sentence.
    My pedantic tendencies make me notice a typo in one of these bits and the use of “borne” when “born” was meant in another. Also, I don’t think he actually recommended the audiobooks listed at the bottom. Those are just books he said he enjoyed reading.

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