John Porter fantasy for the beleaguered

John Porter (Richard Armitage) reassures Katie Dartmouth (Orla Brady) in Strike Back 1.2.

The height of my John Porter fantasies was occurring during the first year or so after his appearance. I was really struggling with what seemed like an impossible situation, and Porter was so handy. Whenever I was unhappy with a situation, he was all too ready to appear in an escape fantasy. He’d break into a faculty meeting, for instance, and get me out of there. He got me through the last days of teaching. He got me through a move. And a few other things I’m too lazy to link just now.

Escape fantasy: Porter (Armitage) and Katie Dartmouth (Orla Brady) escape her kidnappers in Strike Back 1.2.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at his sudden re-appearance in my thoughts and fantasies, then; he was always the man for the extreme rescue.

Dad is doing somewhat better every day, although there are ups and downs. Already there are some things he doesn’t need me for — huge relief — but some things he may need me for for at least the next six months, and maybe longer. Although it’s much less bad than with mom, objectively, as he’s in no danger of dying anytime soon, at the same time, I had the blessing of time off then that I don’t have now. I am his primary caregiver. I will get to out tomorrow night for about three hours, the first time we’ve spent apart in ten days, thanks to the charity and attention of one of our neighbors. I don’t expect this will persist forever, but someone has to be within earshot as long as he’s at risk of falling, apparently. A week ago, he couldn’t stand without extreme vertigo — now he manages about ten seconds without it. Baby steps. I love him; I’m glad to do it; but it would be a lie to deny my escape fantasies.

Fantasy John Porter fills in perfectly here. He supervises the showering. He makes the modifications to the house the minute they become necessary, because he’s so handy. He’s a reliable support for going up and down stairs and he’s always calm in a stressful moment. He always knows what to do, and he’s always confident that we’ll get through. He’d shoot anyone for me. Or, well, at least anyone who was threatening me.

[I owe a lot of replies to comments and I promise I will get to them. I’m thankful for every one of them. The whole 24 hour thing means that at present I have little time to decompress and often when I have free time I have to be sleeping. But this should change, soon, as arrangements fall into place.]

~ by Servetus on June 26, 2018.

17 Responses to “John Porter fantasy for the beleaguered”

  1. here’s a bit of comfort from me to you, hugs xx

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  2. Don’t worry about us. You must rest if you have time, it is also important that you take care of yourself as much as your dad.
    Porter is the best man in difficult situation like a rock in the sea, but I wish you a little bit of Standring, too. He will be there to cosset you. Huh, what a mixture.

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  3. Definitely Standring too. He could help around the house, assist with the bee situation, hold hands with you while watching t.v. and you can tell him everything. Hang in there.

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    • That would be a fun scene — the bee situation!


      • And the bushes, the car., helping out your neighbors’ food situation, going fishing w your dad, and a bonus he’s messy and seems eager to please you, can watch anything on tv and he’s just happy being with you in the moment without the worry of being whisked away to Afghanistan or Iraq.

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        • True, but the possibility he’d have to go away would be a plus for me on some level. I tend to do better in long-distance relationships 🙂


  4. Many years ago after my Dad had a stroke he came to live with me and I became his primary care giver. With therapy he was able to help himself and function pretty well on his own but still needed a lot of assistance as well as monitoring. One of the things that we did was to install a medical alert system in which he could set off an alarm if he fell or if a medical emergency developed. In the ten years he was with me he only needed to set it off one time but the response was swift and medical attention immediate. Having that alert system provided me some needed peace of mind if I had to be away from home for work, errands, etc.
    I’m glad to hear your Dad is improving every day. Keeping you in my prayers and hoping that Porter continues to give you a safe harbor. ❤️

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    • We may eventually go that route, but right now if we had something like that it would go off every fifteen minutes. We’re working on physical barriers to start with. Thanks for the good wishes!


  5. Just remember “carers” need extra help and undersanding. Somehow save sometime for yourself because sometime i is harder on the person doin g the care. Give some time for self, someway.

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  6. Hang in there! Glad you have John Porter in mind to help you through a little. Thinking of you and your dad…

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  7. I hope your Dad will feel better soon. Make sure to take care of yourself too when you get a moment. Thinking of you. Hang in there ❤

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