Richard Armitage tangentially related

Today was a much better day chez Servetus! I even sort of had a glimpse today of writing something “my own.”

There was a lot of this going on around here today. Just imagine dad with a walker and me walking along next to him. Although he was wearing the baseball camp, not me. Also dad frowning and snarling and me coaching him. Also me poking dad’s but and telling him to stand up straighter and pick up his right foot. Also forcing him to build a Lincoln Log house using only his right hand. Also making him say “forty fat French frogs” until he had to pause to take a drink.

Chloe Grace Moretz and Richard Armitage in Brain on Fire.

So, a few things from today.

Ocean’s 8:

Brain on Fire:

  • Forbes review. I’m posting this b/c the reviewer discerns cinematography at work (although Barrett explicitly stated he eschewed all that). I also really don’t remember any hints that her parents “got closer.” But I agree totally that the film functions as an (unjustified) indictment of the medical system in the U.S. (not that there aren’t plenty of things to indict). Review of a different film describes the presentation of this theme in Brain on Fire as “anemic.”
  • Common Sense Media review. Posted because I always laugh when the first section of the review involves how much nudity and profanity are included.
  • Susannah Cahalan will be on Today on July 5th.

Industry issues:

~ by Servetus on June 30, 2018.

13 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. 🙂 Je suis heureuse d’avoir de vos nouvelles.
    Dans la vie de tous les jours, il y a d’innombrables coincidences qui peuvent se référencer à la carrière de monsieur R Armitage.

    Voici les trois thèmes musicaux d’ Ocean 8 qui m’ont fait dresser l’oreille :
    1- la somptueuse “Fugue In D Minor” de Johann Sebastian Bach, générique d’un dessin animé de vulgarisation historique de mon enfance:était_une_fois…_l%27Homme

    2- la Chanson de Lara composée pour le film de David Lean ( un de mes réalisateurs préférés) : “Docteur Jivago ” (1965) du compositeur français Maurice Jarre et

    3- le 2° rappel à mes origines françaises: “Parce que tu crois” interprétée par l’éternel Charles Aznavour:

    Bonne fin de semaine.

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    • Correction des fautes de grammaire, des confusions de mot de vocabulaire et des imprécisions dans la rédaction:
      “coïncidences qui peuvent se référer à des épisodes de la carrière ou de la vie de Richard Armitage”.

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    • I loved the way that classical music and classic songs from the 20th c. were interwoven into this score. This is one of the better film scores of the year for me (along with “I, Tonya,” although that is more of a soundtrack.


  2. En l’honneur des exercices de diction “forty fat Frenchfrogs”, voici une recette:

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    • Just a clarification that I never thought French frogs were uniformly fat, it’s a sentence he has to say. Like “sixty six slick soldiers” and “Three thrushes thrived.”


      • 😉 OK.
        Mais, pour avoir de quoi manger dans l’assiette, les cuisses de grenouilles doivent être très musclées (un peu comme celles de Thorin ou Red Dragon). Just kidding, joking, j’aime la viande mais pas au point de devenir cannibale!


        • Frog legs used to be a standard offering in restaurants hereabouts. Not so much anymore, but I remember a buffet restaurant that had them when I was in high school.


  3. Good to read that your dad is trying!

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  4. So much work to do to have a good recovery. And you said this was a mild stroke? Wow. He’s lucky to have you there.
    I saw that Telus cyberbullying ad too. My reaction was more that it’s the same thing as Cybersmile. Preaching to the converted. The statistics they used did come across as pretty scary. Interesting that they are based on survey questions that really expand the definition of cyberbullying into just embarrassment on the internet.

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    • I’m starting to wonder if I’m turning into a curmudgeon on this issue, but the forces combating Cyberbullying seem to me to miss so many essential points about the context of children harassing each other that I wonder on what planet they are living. I find myself saying “actually” so often when I read their materials.

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