Has Richard Armitage reached peak sexy?

Now for a little distraction. One of the times I saw Ocean’s 8 this week, I was struck at how attractive Armitage is at the beginning of the Met Gala sequences, specifically at this point:

Richard Armitage as Claude Becker in Ocean’s 8.

I thought, “I may never have seen him look THAT sexy before.”

Which made me ask: is Richard Armitage getting better?

And made me decide to do a bit of a poll. When do you think Armitage was sexiest, or is he sexiest now, or are even sexier days coming? (The mind pales.)

So here are some pictures to prompt you. None are definitive — there are others from these periods obviously that I couldn’t put in here — but I did pick ones I really like.

I. LAMDA / RSC stage (1998-2002)

I’d call this callow and still with rounded edges, although with occasional moments of sharper focus.

Richard Armitage as Felix in The Normal Heart while at LAMDA. Date unknown but after 1995 and before the end of 1998. Multiple sources, including tweet by LAMDA.

Richard Armitage in This Year’s Love (1999).

II. Early TV phase (Ultimate Force, Between the Sheets, Sparkhouse, Cold Feet — 2002-2004)

The early sex appeal emerges through, especially with those eyes.

Richard Armitage as Ian Macilwain in Ultimate Force.

Richard Armitage as John Standring in episode 3 of Sparkhouse.

Promo shot from 2003 in conjunction with Cold Feet.

III. TV breakthrough phase (North & South, The Golden Hour, The Impressionists –2004-5)

We finally get the added value of the intense smolder.

Richard Armitage Mr. Thornton in North & South, episode 4.

Another Magazine spring 2005 photoshoot.

IV. UK TV peak phase (Robin Hood, Spooks, Strike Back — 2006-2010)

The point at which I fell in love — very much with someone who I felt was a man on the make, wanting to be seen as others saw him, hoping for greater success.

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood 2.10.

Richard Armitage as Lucas North, promotional photo for series 7 of Spooks.

Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln, Strike Back premiere, spring 2010.

Richard Armitage, BAFTA TV awards red carpet, 2010.

V. Thorin Oakenshield phase (2010-2014)

This is the end of the inchoate Armitage appearance for me. Maybe it was that he played one character for a long time, but he took on a more definitive form at this point.

Richard Armitage, NYC premiere of Captain America, summer 2011.

Richard Armitage, red carpet look, world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected journey, Wellington, November 27, 2012.


Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) sees Fili in Azog’s grasp, in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Screencap.

Richard Armitage, World’s End premiere, summer 2013. NAPE CURLS!!!!


VI. John Proctor phase (The Crucible, Urban and the Shed Crew –2014)

In some ways Proctor built on that definitive quality that Thorin Oakenshield gave him for the first time.

Richard Armitage, image for poster for The Crucible, spring 2014.

Richard Armitage as Chop, screencap.

VII. Penultimate phase (Hannibal, Pilgrimage, Love, Love, Love, Berlin Station 1 & 2, Ocean’s 8 — 2015-2017)

Hard to say anything coherent here, except that he always seemed to be losing weight or trying to gain muscle.

Richard Armitage as Raymond de Merville in Pilgrimage. Screencap.

Richard Armitage, October 2016, Berlin Station promo.

VIII. Current appearance (Their Lost Daughters, Berlin Station 3)

The mature Armitage? Or is there more to come?

Richard Armitage photographed in conjunction with Their Lost Daughters, May 2018.

Richard Armitage and Mina Tander, posted by Tander, July 2018.


What say you?


~ by Servetus on July 28, 2018.

48 Responses to “Has Richard Armitage reached peak sexy?”

  1. I haven’t made up my mind yet, leaning towards current appearance (possibly because mature Armitage doesn’t make me feel so much older than him lol) One thing I know for sure though, I don’t think I would survive him becoming more! 😉

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    • 🙂 Nostalgia! Now if we could stop time so that nothing moves, we could ageing all together. Since active ageing increases the quality of life, we should strive or wish to emulate him. We should try to model ourselves on the best teacher we have. But we must consider the factor as well as the age differential will remain until… cf:
      – “Chronos= Father Time” in Greece,
      – “l’Ankou” in Breton legends – Bigouden country west-France.
      – Paul Eluard’s poem: “Le Temps déborde” 1947:
      “Vingt-huit novembre mil neuf cent quarante-six
      Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble
      Voici le jour
      En trop : le temps déborde.
      Mon amour si léger prend le poids d’un supplice”.

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    • Good point. Peak Armitage sexy could have casualties in the fandom. I would miss you. 🙂


  2. He’s always had a distinctive intense look about….but mature Richard looks a bit like Hugh Jackman in some pictures.

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  3. I have to agree, he indeed looks exquisite on that photo, age is definitely agreeing with him. yum!

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  4. Some men continue to improve with age. Richard definitely comes to mind. As does Sean Connery – whom I was more attracted to after he played Bond. Loved him in Highlander.

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  5. I can’t choose, I find him attractive in all ages, shapes and colors but I’d say for me he is definitely getting sexier with years ❤️

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    • I agree with you very well said!

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    • Until 08, I’d have said my favorite period was 2014, but now I’m undecided.


      • I’d say 2014 too. But after O8 really don’t know. Also, he has sparkles in his eyes on the pics made when he does theatre – summer 2014, autumn 2016. Like this is the happiest time in his life when he plays in theatre.
        I also has a feeling he changed forever after “Hannibal”.
        I can be wrong but it seems to me in 2015 he kinda realized he’s a very handsome and attractive man (good for him😄).

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        • I agree — theater suits him. I think what was missing in Proctor was even a hint of flirtatiousness — the character is overburdened with shame and guilt. Of course, Becker has none of that.

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  6. In all ages.

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  7. Sleek Lucas North I thought was his sexiest look but then he proved to be aging well showing the grey in the temples in the last season of Berlin Station. I think he will just keep getting more attractive in more ways as he grows older.

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    • There was something plaintive that he put into Lucas’ eyes that always got me, but on the whole I found Lucas too thin.


  8. Difficult to judge from photos because a camera angle can make such a difference… in general I don’t find young RA nearly as sexy (too plump in the cheek for my taste) but that LAMDA pic is stunning…

    I fell in love with John Thornton and then with Guy and Lucas. I think he was pretty amazingly sexy in that era. Thorin didn’t really do it tor me (I much prefer him cleanshaven) and I haven’t seen him in a role since then that has blown me away in terms of sexiness. Great acting yes (Proctor, Dolorhyde) but not particularly sexy.

    Claude, though… yes yes yes 😂 But I’m such a clothes snob, I just LOVE a man in evening dress… 🤪

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  9. Like so many others, I’ve found him attractive at all stages of his life since I first discovered him but Claude Becker was particularly sexy I think due to his white-tie formalwear. Men’s formalwear generally flatter most men and when you add RA to the mix, the sexiness is off the charts.

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  10. I doubt it. Sean Connery, enough said.


  11. I’ve enjoyed the black & whites of the promos for the Lost Daughters. There is something about the sweater and the shorter hair.

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  12. Totally Crucible era for me. Shirtless. Slightly more muscley. Mmmmm.

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  13. More to come. Whenever you think he can’t get any better, he does. sigh


  14. The most sexy look was definitely Guy, the whole package. In general, I prefer him with beard or, at least, stubbles, clean shaven doesn’t do it for me. That’s why I liked Claude Becker most in the bed head scenes.
    I agree with you that he ages well. This is often the case when men with full hair are tall and slender, their faces get more expression and the wrinkles and grey streaks don’t harm. A good example of this type is Mads Mikkelsen.

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  15. The RA pre N&S does nothing for/to me in regard to sexiness.
    After that it depends on the look, can’t decide on one era

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  16. I definitely prefer the last 3 stages, though I have to wonder along with Mezz if I just feel like less of a cradle robber than with the Lucas years and earlier, lol. Seriously, after the Hobbit he seems to me to have gained a real presence and sense of himself. I can’t describe it well but I definitely feel it. On the other hand, in the early years there’s an incredibly piercing quality about his eyes (the LAMDA pic is a great example as well as the shirtless pic) and it’s just breathtaking. His eyes are still gorgeous but there’s something softer there now. His eyes are one of my favorite things about him at any age.

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  17. I keep coming back to look to see if any definitive answer comes to me. But no. I think he is/was sexy at any age. I don’t go for too young or too skinny (LLL, Jane Hotel), but otherwise, I just can’t decide! Just when I think I settle on Proctor looks, then I think “But what about Thornton…. or Guy… or current lived-in look?”

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  18. Be still my beating heart. He’s aging like fine wine or great cheese. You’ve made me catch my breath several times. No matter his hair style or facial hair or anything, his eyes are always Richard’s, even with a few new wrinkles, I mean smile lines. And the eyes have always been the first thing I’ve noticed about any man.

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  19. I’d probably say from The Hobbit onwards, but really, I can’t choose a specific one…

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  20. […] Has Richard Armitage reached peak sexy? (published July 28, 2018). The attraction of this topic is obvious, I […]


  21. I think he is very sexy, in anything he does! I adore him!


  22. I think he just keeps getting better and better…Oceans 8 almost did me in though….just drool worthy!!!💗


    • Thanks for the comment and welcome! This post is about six months old now. Obvs we have newer pictures now.


  23. i personally like his 2005 – 2011 period. He was so handsome at that points. I thought he was handsome in Ocean’s 8 too but in the pictures of the works he’s doing for Audible i thought he might look….old? hehe


    • Thanks for the comment and welcome — that was sort of when I crushed on him (@010) and he was really amazing then.


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