Hear them rawr

~ by Servetus on July 28, 2018.

7 Responses to “Hear them rawr”

  1. Gosh he’s on an exclamation point roll right

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    • I feel like Brits are friendlier with the exclamation point than are Americans; however, I’m an extreme example of not liking them, so perhaps I can’t judge.


      • Hmm. You don’t like them grammatically or do you think they are overused? I always thought their use was to drive home a point or to make a sentence a bit more punchier. Personally
        I think he’s a bit sloppy w his grammar and
        punctuation but cute w his !


  2. We’re in the time of leo currently, it does something to a leo’s brain. Being a fellow leo(today’s my birthday! 40th AAAAHHH!!!) I can confirm that this time makes leos sillier and more exclamation pointier than usual.


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